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Blogosphere: Freeways Vs. Transit, Dumb Ways To Die, Transit Tunnel Plugs, The Walking City, Better Housing Model

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Blogosphere: Hypocritical Stance on Freeways v Transit

Urban Indy

On Monday, November 19th, the first 67 miles of I-69, stretching north from Evansville, opened to the public. The IBJ had a great story covering the facts, hyperbole, and struggles that lie ahead for the 142 mile stretch of freeway that would eventually connect Evansville and Indianapolis...

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Blogosphere: Next for Santa Monica Bike Movement

LA Streetsblog

In the first post of this two part series, I laid out some of where we are in Santa Monica with regards to bicycling, and my belief that we are a regional leader even if Long Beach has silver and we remain ranked bronze...

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Blogosphere: Dumb Ways to Die (Safety Video)

Auckland Transport Blog

This has been going around the net for a few days now but still worth posting here in case anyone hasn't seen it. It is a campaign launched by Melbourne Metro to warn of the dangers of trains...

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Blogosphere: Are Tunnel Plugs The Way to Stop Water

Second Avenue Sagas

Over the years, the MTA has struggled to keep its subway system water-free. When the Sandy storm surge inundated the system's East River tunnels, the problem was laid bare for all to see...

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Blogosphere: Young Adults a Generation on the Move


America's young adults seem to be hitting the road; moving out of their parents homes, leaving marginal jobs and crossing state lines to new environs and better employment opportunities. ..

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Blogosphere: Return of the Walking City

Auckland Transport Blog

I was inspired by Patrick's recent transit dividend post where he documented the laneways around the Pacific and Matt's people buy stuff and wanted to look a little closer at the things happening on the street which to me are fascinating and representative of a highly dynamic urban ecosystem...

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Blogosphere: Video - A Better Model for Housing

Richard's Real Estate Blog

Karen Chapple on the most reasonable way to create affordable housing...

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Blogosphere:  Efficient Ownership Transfer

@The Horizon Blog

What happens when the owner of an affordable housing project transfers its property to another owner? What is the role of state and local agencies in the transfer? ..

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Blogosphere: New Face for Fighting Vacancies

Next American City

Some exciting news on the home front: Tamar Shapiro, senior director of urban and social policy at the German Marshall Fund and a Next American City board member, has been named as president and CEO of the Center for Community Progress...

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Blogosphere: Goals of Citizen Engagement

Otis White

I know local government officials well enough to know some of their secrets. And here's one: Many don't really believe in citizen engagement. Or, if they do believe in it, they don't think it actually works...

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Blogosphere: DC's Height Limit Tradeoffs

City Block

In the discussion of Kaid Benfield's piece supporting DC's height limit, several comments are worth highlighting. First, Payton Chung notes the need to discuss more than just supply, but to also realize the strength of the demand for living in DC:..

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Blogosphere: Most Ancient City in Russia

English Russia

The Dagestani city called Derbent is the most ancient in Russia: historians claim it is 5000 years old. True or not is a moot point, but the city is really very, very old...

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Blogosphere: SF Approves 220 Square Foot Micro Apts


If you live in San Francisco, chances are you already feel like you're living in a closet. But soon the city's smallest living spaces will likely be tiny enough to fit in a compact one-car garage...

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