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Blogosphere: Funding Portland-Vancouver Bridge, Gondolas For Austin, US Mid-20th Century Infrastructure, Empty Bus Fallacy

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Editorial: CRC Games Cloud Federal Funding


The recent defeat of a transportation sales tax in Clark County was characterized by some officials as proof folks in Vancouver oppose light rail. But the characterization was an ill-informed screed by 10 southwest Washington Republicans protesting the design and financing of a new bridge linking Portland and Vancouver and the light-rail line built into it...

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Blogosphere: Gondolas for Mass Transit in Austin

Fast Company (via LA Transportation Library) 

For many, aerial mass transit--either by way of tram or gondola--is an idea best left to ski resorts and World's Fairs. But for a growing number of urban planners and designers, aerial transit represents an alternative for cities where traditional transit options are limited...

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Blogosphere: US Mid-20th Century Infrastructure

New York Times Economix

Europeans visiting the Northeastern United States - and many parts of the East Coast - can show their children what Europe's infrastructure looked like during the 1960s...

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Blogosphere: Empty Buses Fallacy

Human Transit

This morning, Andrew Sullivan, whom I usually find intellectually engaging, featured a confused article about transit productivity from Eric Morris on the Freakonomics blog. It's the old line about how because buses are often empty, they're not a very efficient transit mode. I first rebutted it three years ago and the rebuttal hasn't changed at all...

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Blogosphere: Cities Will Win or Lose America

Gallup Chairman's Blog

Throughout this year's long election season, I was often asked: "Who will be better for jobs and the economy, President Obama or Governor Romney?" My reply most surely disappointed partisans from both sides: ..

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Blogosphere: Filtering Up Housing

Austin Contrarian

An honest-to-goodness example of an apartment complex about to "filter up." People understand that a tight housing market leads landlords to raise rents...

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Blogosphere: Reinventing Kokomo Indiana 

American Dirt

Across the country-but particularly in the heavily industrialized Northeast and Midwest-smaller cities have confronted the grim realities of the unflattering "Rust Belt" moniker, and all of its associated characteristics, with varying degrees of success...

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Blogosphere: Exploring Weighted Density

Old Urbanist

Chris Bradford has recently run an excellent series of posts featuring the Census Bureau's newly-released data covering population-weighted density...

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Blogosphere: Transit and Density are Related?!

Joe Urban

If you listen to the press, bikes are all the rage and new rail transit lines are still the darlings of politicians and transportation planners. Incredibly, what is still overlooked in the mainstream press is the intricate relationship between transportation and land use...

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Blogosphere: How Colleges Revive Downtowns

CEOs for Cities

Downtown college campuses are a popular trend to follow for talent retention and galvanizing downtown activity. As this trend grows and becomes more successful across the nation, more research into particulars may be necessary to understand their effect on urban revitalization...

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Blogosphere: Buffalo's Farm to Fork Program Thriving

The Atlantic Cities

It doesn't get quite as much ink as Cleveland or Detroit, but the post-industrial urban agriculture and farm-to-fork landscape of Buffalo is thriving...

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Blogosphere: Top 10 Smartest European Cities

Fast Company

In January 2012, Co.Exist published my smart city rankings. This year, I sought to more accurately rank cities based on a holistic model of smart cities around the globe...

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Blogosphere: Retrofitting Rocky Mountain Metropolis

Polis Blog

Denver hasn't featured very prominently on Polis over the years - a fact that would surprise few people in Denver. The city is not particularly sexy for globally-minded urbanists, lacking the wealth, power, abandonment, history, controversy, architectural patrimony, cosmopolitanism, proximity to disaster or cultural relevance that seem to mark cities in our metropolitan psyches...

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