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Blogosphere: Growth In Protected Bike Lanes, Transit Funding Options, Mortgage Deduction Inequality, Health Enterprise Zones

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Protected Bike Lanes Doubled in 2012

They're the Cadillac (or, should we say, the Colnago) of bike infrastructure: protected bike lanes. But on-street bikeways that give cyclists some measure of physical protection from traffic have been more or less unheard of in American cities - until recently...

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Editorial: Exploring Transit Funding Options

Urban Tulsa Weekly

Tulsa's transit system funding and services fall well below the levels of many of our competitors. It is symptomatic of the urban sprawl and auto-centric mindset which has prevailed in our community since the 1950s...

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Blogosphere: A Way Forward on VA Transpo Funding

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

I'm thinking that we could create a similar diagram to the one at left, focused on the top 10 or top 40 "knotty" issues in state and local politics, from school funding and social equity to gasoline excise taxes and charging higher rates for parking...

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Blogosphere: The Great Broadway Transit Debate

Human Transit

If you're interested in Vancouver and missed my "debate"* with Bob Ransford about Broadway rapid transit at Gordon Price's blog Price Tags, well, it's not to late to pile on. ..

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Blogosphere: Greenway a Step Towards Walkable City

Globe and Mail

Vancouver has taken another step toward its long-term goal of creating a less car-dependent community with council's passing of a $5.4-million greenway that will ultimately connect False Creek with Stanley Park...

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Blogosphere: Geog Inequality of Mortgage Deduction

The Atlantic Cities

The home mortgage interest deduction is America's largest housing program. It costs the federal government (in lost tax revenue) more than Washington spends on the entire Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than it spends on veterans benefits and education...

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Blogosphere: Creating Health Enterprise Zones

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Blog

The state of Maryland recently passes legislation to address health disparity issues through "health enterprise zones."..

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Blogosphere: Including Built Infrastructure in Green

The Nature of Cities

It is interesting that we think of nature in cities only as fauna and flora. Mineral nature-the rocks and inert resources-is the stage on which living nature is set...

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Blogosphere: World City Living and Working Densities


One of the most recognisable visualisation techniques used by LSE Cities in the Urban Age publications is the 3D density map- an intuitive and engaging way to represent built form, and enable comparison of very different city environments across the globe...

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Blogosphere: Why is American Mobility Declining?

Getting From Here to There

Timothy Taylor discusses new data from the US Census that describes the decline in mobility across regions in the United States. It is evident that Americans are less likely to move to new metropolitan areas than at any point since WWII...

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Blogosphere: CDCs Contributed Billions to Economy

Plan Philly

Community development corporations in Philadelphia have made a combined, direct contribution of $2.2 billion to the local economy over the past 20 years, according to a report issued Wednesday morning by the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations...

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Commentary: Tacoma Lays Down New Path for Growth

Daily Journal of Commerce

Tacoma is poised for growth despite challenges posed by the economy. We are focused on evolving our economic development strategies, which will further develop and enhance the business climate, improve our local economy's fiscal health and steer Tacoma toward a sustainable and viable city of opportunities. ..

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Commentary: South Lake Union a Smart Growth Model

Daily Journal of Commerce's recent decision to lease another building near its global headquarters in South Lake Union is yet another example of a creative class company recognizing the value of locating in an urban center...

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