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Blogosphere: Honolulu Full-Funding Agreement, Seniors & Livability, Ponies On Subways, Disasters & Cities

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Seattle: Jumpstarting Sound Transit III

Seattle Transit Blog

Tomorrow, we get a big win. Sound Transit doesn't want to see Issaquah, Redmond, or Everett left behind by Seattle going it alone, so they're responding to the threat of our ballot measure by doing a lot of our work for us!..

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Blogosphere: Honolulu Gets FFGA from the FTA

DOT Fastlane

On Monday, the people of Hawaii lost a tireless champion, Senator Daniel Inouye. A Medal of Honor awardee for his wartime valor, the first Japanese-American in the U.S. Congress, and a truly bipartisan colleague--Senator Inouye's passing is a loss for all of us...

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Blogosphere: Do Seniors Want Livability Improvements

Streetsblog DC

Oahu, Hawaii should be the ideal place to walk for transportation, but it has the nation's highest pedestrian fatality rate for senior citizens - more than twice the next-highest state. So the state enacted a Complete Streets policy in 2009, seeking to "reasonably accommodate" everyone..

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Blogosphere: Searching for a Stable MTA Chair

Second Avenue Sagas

Stability. Of all the problems plaguing the MTA - from debt to deferred maintenance - stability remains the overarching theme...

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Blogosphere: What Washington's 18th Amendment Means

Seattle Transit Blog

After reading Martin's excellent analysis (and follow-up) on why the restrictions on the use of Gas Tax money don't really matter, I thought it was worth bringing up another salient fact...

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Blogosphere: Don't Bring Ponies Onto Subways

The Atlantic Cities

Huh. This girl has a miniature pony, but still uses the subway? That's like owning a motorcycle (in this case, a pocketbike) but hauling it around in the back of a pickup truck...

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Blogosphere: C Shaped Transit Lines

Pedestrian Observations

The ideal rapid transit line looks something like a straight line. It can have deviations, but on a map it will be more or less a line with a definitive direction...

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Blogosphere: City v SORTA on Streetcar Operating Cost

City Beat

In the past few days, local media outlets have reported heavily on a supposed conflict between Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) and the city of Cincinnati. Essentially, SORTA wants the transit fund limited, while the city government says it doesn't want to "undermine the city charter" with limitations...

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Blogosphere: Metro CEO Grenias Will Step Down

Houston Tomorrow

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County will meet in executive session on Thursday to consider the resignation of President and CEO George Greania, according to Guidry News:..

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Blogosphere: City Stake in the Fiscal Cliff


Like many things Washington does, deliberations on resolving the fiscal cliff and skyrocketing federal debt seem like they occur in a galaxy far away, rather than in our nation's capital...

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Blogosphere: Natural Disasters and Cities

The Nature of Cities

Environmental traumas are here. Global climate is a reality that is bringing extremes in weather as we have seen recently with the devastating impacts of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast of the USA..

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Blogosphere: IRS Cancels/Uncancels Migration Data


There's been some interesting behind the scenes developments on the data front this week. The IRS publishes annual data on migration based on tax returns...

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Blogosphere: Manhattan's Cutthroat Xmas Tree Market

The Atlantic Cities

Each year, from November 24 to December 26, an unremarkable triangular plaza at the intersection of Broome Street and Sixth Avenue in New York is transformed into a costly slice of Christmas cheer...

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Blogosphere: The Modular High Rise Experiment Begins

Urban Times

On Tuesday, officials in New York City held a groundbreaking ceremony for what will be the world's largest pre-fabricated building. The 32-story apartment tower will be built in Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn and will house 363 apartment units...

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Blogosphere: The Rise of Metroevangelicals


Over at WSJ, Andy Crouch has a piece on Make Way for the Metro-Evangelical, which describes the pivot by church leaders like Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll towards inner city church planting...

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Blogosphere: Budget Process Rigged Against Cities

Atlantic Cities

Let's begin with basic market economics for Dick or Jane: prices affect individual consumption behavior. Let's next add to basic economics of building a city's infrastructure for Dick and Jane: ribbon-cutting prices affect behavior...

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Blogosphere: NIMBY/Road Wideners Commonality

DC Streetsblog

Matt Yglesias made an excellent point about NIMBYs over at Slate yesterday. Writing about opposition to multifamily residential construction in the tony neighborhood near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Yglesias wondered how much value residents really place on keeping the area a "single-family residential community."..

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Blogosphere: Urban Stormwater Systems Going Green

Regional Plan Association

Concentrating development makes sense. Locating populations and jobs in existing urban and suburban centers encourages community and a sense of place, while protecting fragile headwaters, aquifers, streams and wetlands...

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Blogosphere: How Do We Solve the Affordability Crisis?

Greater Greater Washington

The Washington region is a victim of its own success when it comes to housing affordability. Our region's strong and steady economic growth continues to generate high demand for housing from new workers...

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