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Blogosphere: LA Subway Progress, NY After Sandy, Oakland Revival, Encouraging Infill With LRT, Lifesaving Trees, City Pairs

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Blogosphere: Final Design Approved for Both Subways

Metro Source Blog

To put the following into English, this means the subway and connector projects are now a step closer to signing a funding agreement with the federal government, although it doesn't necessarily speed up the very long process of getting that money...

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Blogosphere: How New Yorkers Get Around After Sandy


With the heart of the subway system knocked out of commission, this morning the Streetfilms crew - Clarence Eckerson, Elizabeth Press, and Robin Urban Smith - headed out to the bridge crossings that link Brooklyn and Queens to Manhattan, to document how New Yorkers are getting around under emergency conditions...

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Blogosphere: The Status of Measure R Projects

Metro the Source

We're one week shy of the fourth anniversary of the passage of Measure R by Los Angeles County voters in 2008. The half-cent sales tax approved for 30 years upended everything: a host of transit and road projects that otherwise lacked funding suddenly had some dollars behind them...

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Blogosphere: Houston's Strength is Annexation

Keep Houston Houston

Matty G has a short post up on the economy of Breezy Point, Queens and my first reaction is "right, this is reason #763 why Houston is so prosperous." Mostly it has to do with annexation...

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Blogosphere: Oakland Revived by Art Murmur

Daily Californian

Oakland at the turn of the millennium looked very different from the city that was ranked as one of the top places to go in 2012 by the New York Times...

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Blogosphere: Private Activity Bonds for Infrastructure


The federal government contributed about 25 percent of total public spending on transportation and water infrastructure over the past decade. So, for good reason, many local governments and transportation agencies are preoccupied these days with the threat of the automatic across-the-board spending cuts from Washington...

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Commentary: Light Rail Should Encourage Infill

Arizona Republic

Trading a couple of road projects in the eastern fringes of Mesa - plus a few smaller transportation ideas - for 2 more miles of light rail is a wise idea. That's what Mesa leaders have done in securing the funding that will extend light rail to Gilbert Road...

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Blogosphere: Trees a Matter of Life and Death


"Everyday exposure to trees enhances your health now and promotes health across your entire lifespan," said Dr. William Sullivan, Ph.D., a professor of landscape architecture at the University of Illinois-Campaign, at a conference on the Washington, D.C. region's urban tree canopy organized by Casey Trees...

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Blogosphere: Crowd Sourced Sightseeing

Urban Times

Innovative urban marketing techniques are swiftly being adopted by local governments around the world to aide the transformation of their cities- no matter the size- into thriving centers for tourism, culture and development...

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Blogosphere: Competitive Workforce, Turning to Schools

Next American City

Last year, San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro assembled a group he cheekily named the "Brainpower Task Force." Its brainpower, he said, was to be channeled into finding a way to financially prime the city's school systems to mold a truly competitive workforce...

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Blogosphere: City Pairs and Success

New Geography

I was honored to speak at a conference in Milwaukee over the summer called Milwaukee's Future in the Chicago Mega-City. Chicago and Milwaukee are about 90 miles apart on I-94...

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