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Blogosphere: LA Transpo Grade, Misunderstood Parking, Incomplete BRT, Adapting To MAP-21, Trams Without Wires

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: LA Gives Itself High Grades on Transpo

LA Streetsblog

Last month, the Mayor's Office released a report ranking itself on how it achieved, or didn't achieve, its stated transportation goals over the last seven and a half years...

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Blogosphere: Parking, Misunderstood

City Block

Let's take a trip up and down the Northeast Corridor and look at recent parking news. All three show some misunderstandings about parking, cities, and markets. Time to assign some Shoup reading assignments!..

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Blogosphere: Opportunities/Dangers of Incomplete BRT

Human Transit

One of Bus Rapid Transit's great virtues is that unlike rail, you don't have to build a complete, continuous piece of infrastructure if you really only need segments of one. ..

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Blogosphere: Time Lapse Video of One Day of Transit

Muni Diaries (via Irving P)

We love transit geeks, especially ones who are handy with time-lapse videos. Via SFist, we found YouTube user STLTransit, who created time-lapse videos of public transit systems..

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Blogosphere: Detroiters Seranade Lawmakers for Agency

DC Streetsblog

This morning, as lawmakers inside the Michigan statehouse heard testimony on the creation of a regional transit system for greater Detroit, supporters held a musical demonstration outside, singing "Ain't no mountain high enough to keep us from getting a regional transit authority."..

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Blogosphere: How States are Adapting to MAP 21

DC Streetsblog

The current transportation law dealt a few hard knocks to bicycling and walking programs. One big one was the restructuring of the Transportation Enhancements program into something called Transportation Alternatives, which has to fund more types of projects with less money...

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Commentary: Why is Translink LRT Cost 3X High

The Tyee

An extremely expensive decision for taxpayers looms near, and those making it are working with costs figures for light rail systems that seem inexplicably high, demanding closer scrutiny. ..

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Blogosphere: Dirt Roads Could Change Everything

City Journal

In 1810, most of New York City's 96,000 residents lived on the southern end of Manhattan. A year later, a three-man commission published what must have seemed a wildly ambitious plan for the city's expansion...

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Blogosphere: Trams Without Wires

The Rail Engineer

For those working on heavy rail, the way streets absorb tram infrastructure to show only running rails is impressive indeed. Even more impressive is that some streets are now absorbing the tram's power supply as well, the result of a drive by the major tram manufacturers to make trams more attractive by eliminating the need for overhead wires...

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Blogosphere: An New Life for Old Breweries

Smithsonian Design Decoded

Our previous post on the origin of Pabst's blue ribbon got me thinking about the current state of the former Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Pabst left Milwaukee in 1996 after more than 100 years of brewing and the 18.4 acre site..

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Blogosphere: Housing Affordable in SF? Really?

CNU Salons

Really? The same San Francisco where the average house is worth over $800,000 (about eleven times the median household income)? At first glance, the story seems at least as insane as any of the comedy stories on the Onion...

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Blogosphere: 2012's Best Smart Growth Projects

The Atlantic Cities

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency announced seven winners of its 2012 National Awards for Smart Growth Achievement. As I have noted in the past, the smart growth awards are given for creative, outstanding initiatives that protect the health and the environment of our communities while also strengthening local economies...

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Blogosphere: What Sort of Town is Scarry's Busytown?

Kottke (via @trnsprttnst)

From a planning and transportation professional, a deconstruction of Busytown, the fictional town that features in many of Richard Scarry's children's books, including What Do People Do All Day?..

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Blogosphere: Vacant Soda Factory to Town Hall in Bruges

The Atlantic Cities

The Spanish firm Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos has taken a vacant Coca-Cola factory in Bruges, Belgium and turned it into a spiffy city hall-a centralized administration center for the countryside's various, scattered municipalities...

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Blogosphere:Cities with Denser Cores Do Better

The Atlantic Cities

Density - the close clustering of people together in communities - is a big factor in the technological and economic progress of cities and nations. Economists, urbanists, and place makers have found density to be associated with everything from greater energy efficiency to higher levels of skilled and talented people, higher rates of innovation, and higher income...

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Blogosphere: Grand Rapids at a Tipping Point

Rapid Growth Media

Kristopher Larson, the relatively new executive director of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), comes to Grand Rapids from Long Beach, CA where he acted as VP of the Downtown Long Beach Association. Before that, Larsen lived in Raleigh, NC...

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Blogosphere: The Huge Demand for Downtown

Auckland Transport Blog

I'm still fascinated with the results from earlier posts looking at land value in relation to cbd location. I figured there would be a premium to centrally located land, but I didn't imagine it would be so extreme...

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Blogosphere: How Can Cities Conserve Biodiversity?

Urban Times

Perhaps one of the most vexing questions that our cities pose is how to best approach protecting biodiversity. Vexing because, at face value, any policy approach that improves the biodiversity seems to be a good thing - and yet biodiversity conservation seems to be an abstract concept. What does it mean?..

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Blogosphere: Tactical Urbanism Is Helping Mexico City

This Big City

Across the globe, citizens are starting to take control of their cities. Whether its pedestrian crossings in Bogota or seating on LA sidewalks, citizens are increasingly likely to get out on their streets and implement the urban infrastructure their governments haven't provided...

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