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Blogosphere: London Transport Policy Gridlock, Toronto Bike Lane Protest, Weak Market TOD Strategies, Diverse Neighborhoods

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: London's Transport Policy Gridlock

Guardian UK

As attention has turned again to Tube strikes and fares hikes, debate about the capital's transport issues ignores the bigger picture..

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Blogosphere: Bike Lane Protected by Protesters

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford removed the Jarvis Street bike lane. But things didn't go exactly according to plan. As Streetsblog NYC reported, protesters physically blocked the pavement-scraping machine as crews set about erasing those painted lines...

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Blogosphere: As Baby Boomers Age, Take Foot Off Gas

DC Streetsblog

They may be remembered as the driving-est generation. Baby Boomers, who came of age in the heyday of suburbia, have always driven more than any other generation. At the height of their driving years, boomers averaged 51 miles per day...

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Blogosphere: Smarter Land Uses Can Avoid Gridlock  

SF Streetsblog

San Francisco's South of Market district will be crippled by gridlock within a generation unless the city makes major improvements to its transit, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure and implements policies that entice commuters to travel by means other than driving...

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Blogosphere: Strategies for TOD in a Weak Market

Citizens for Modern Transit Blog

Citizens for Modern Transit recently released a report on 10 Strategies for Attracting Development Near Transit in a Slow Growth Market based on a compilation of ideas gleaned from organizational findings in St. Louis, published research and from the information gathered from work completed through Citizens for Modern Transit's Missouri Foundation for Health grant...

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Blogosphere: America's Most Diverse Neighborhoods

Atlantic Cities

Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday during the Civil War, in an attempt to restore peace and unity to the United States. In today's diverse America, Thanksgiving remains widely celebrated and crosses religious, racial, and ethnic lines..

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Blogosphere: Carbon Tax Pressure for Grover Norquist

DC Streetsblog

Some readers took issue with yesterday's post that characterized a carbon tax as a terrific but politically unlikely proposal, after the Obama administration shot down the idea last week. Putting a price on carbon emissions is, after all, generating renewed interest from across the ideological spectrum...

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Blogosphere: Emergence of the Gig City

Next American City

Right now, Kansas City, on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri line, is serving as a test bed for Google's groundbreaking experiment in bringing ultra-high-speed Internet to homes at an affordable price...

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Blogosphere: Height Limit a Monumental Burden

The Economist Free Exchange

DEBATES over the effect of regulation on the economy typically focus on national rules when quite often it is the local restrictions that end up having the greatest costs...

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Blogosphere: How FB & Twitter Help Developing Cities

The Atlantic Cities

When a housewife in a working-class district of Mexico City gets fed up with the lack of working lights in her local park, she logs on to Twitter and complains directly to the city's mayor...

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Blogosphere: Remake Federalism to Renew Economy

New Republic

With the 2012 election completed Washington faces a daunting overhang of substantial economic, fiscal, and governance problems. Reform must begin now...

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