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Blogosphere: Obama Budget, Tea Party Transit War, Visualizing NYC Taxi Activity, Places That Inspire Romance, Green Zoning

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Blogosphere: Enhancement Funds for Communities


Three separate communities in Vermont recently planned new pedestrian and bicycle connections thanks to federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) funds and are ready to move forward with several projects:..

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Blogosphere: Obama Budget $476B Over 6 Years

DC Streetsblog

President Obama has released his budget request for the 2013 fiscal year, which includes a proposed $476 billion investment in transportation over six years...

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Blogosphere: Tea Party's War on Transit


In the week since House Republicans introduced their proposed transportation bill, one thing has become clear: It has virtually nothing to do with fiscal responsibility...

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Blogosphere: Subsidizing Elite and Their Bus Drivers

New York Times City Room

Fortunately for New York's mass-transit riders, they enjoy a status so lofty that the threatened loss of $1 billion a year in federal transportation aid should unsettle them no more than would a sudden shortage of beluga caviar...

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Blogosphere: New York City Taxi Activity Visualized

Digital Urban

Programmed by Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, Spatial Information Design Lab, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University the data is drawn from the work of David A. King, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University and Jonathan R. Peters, College of Staten Island...

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Blogosphere: Getting a 'Handel' on Transit Crime

The Atlantic

Last week the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that transit officials have started to play Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Strauss and Handel at the Lake Street light rail station in an effort to dissuade criminal behavior...

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Blogosphere: Congress Cutting Safe Rides to School?


What's the political mindset these days that proposes to eliminate one of the most successful federal programs for community mobility and planning?..

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Blogosphere: Transit's Job is to Create Freedom

Greater Greater Washington

Transportation guru Jarrett Walker had some criticism for the Metrobus map, and cautionary words for planners of the DC Circulator, streetcar, and similar circulators in Tysons Corner, when speaking to audiences last week in DC and Silver Spring...

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Blogosphere: Should Building Taller Be Much Easier?

The Atlantic Cities

In early December, the city council of Austin, Texas, adopted an exhaustive downtown plan that will guide every element of the neighborhood's transformation over the next 25 years, from its historic preservation policies to investments in workforce housing to parking and transit infrastructure...

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Blogosphere: City Places That Inspire Romance

NRDC Switchboard

There is a reason that romantic movies and novels are set in cities such as Paris, Rome, Prague, San Francisco, and New York. Or perhaps in picturesque historic towns and villages...

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Blogosphere: Greening DC's Zoning Code

Old Urbanist

The newly released draft of Washington DC's zoning code, as reported by Greater Greater Washington, contains promising changes, including reduced parking requirements and the allowance, after a decades-long ban, of homes on alleys narrow streets...

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Blogosphere: Land Banking Muddles StL Redev

Next American City

"The first time I ever saw St. Louis," wrote Mark Twain, "I could have bought it for six million dollars, and it was the mistake of my life that I did not do it." St. Louis developer Paul McKee appears set to not make the same mistake...

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Blogosphere: One Indiana Town that Avoided Sprawl

Rust Wire

Those immortal song lyrics come from Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee and fellow Hoosier John Mellencamp's classic rock tune entitled "Pink Houses." On my return trip to Michigan from Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon, I decided to follow the road less traveled...

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Blogosphere: Complexity Theory in Cities


Here is a new book on complexity and cities entitled "Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age: An Overview with Implications to Urban Planning and Design" edited by Juval Portugali, Han Meyer, Egbert Stolk and Ekim Tan with the intriguing title that what we do has come of age...

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Blogosphere: Confusing City & Structures on Purpose


Much has been written about shifting preferences toward urban living. I admit to skepticism, despite my hopes as a city resident and redevelopment consultant, of convergent preferences among the Millennial and Baby Boom generations...

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Blogosphere: Approaching Urban Informality

The Polis

On Feb. 9, the Architectural Association in London held a symposium on urban informality entitled "Design as Political Engagement." Hosted by the Informal City Research Cluster, the event drew speakers who gained prominence through their extensive architectural work in Latin America...

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Blogosphere: Exit Interivew with Brent Toderian

The Atlantic Cities

For a guy whose name has lately been splashed all over the local media after being fired from his role as planning director of the city of Vancouver, Brent Toderian is eager to talk up his city...

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Blogosphere: Are You a City Builder?

City Tank

We've got some city building to do. Because better cities are what people want, and what the planet needs. Yes, Seattle is already a pretty good city, but it still has a lot of growing up to do. Forging a Seattle equipped to thrive in the 21st century is going to take some doing...

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Blogosphere: New Plans for Legacy Cities

Lincoln House

Silver bullets for cities have come and gone over the years -- civic centers, festival markets, turning downtown streets into pedestrian malls, river walks, luring the "creative class."..

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Blogosphere: Spanish Bubble Landscapes


During the presentations at Visualizar last summer, one of the presenters (I think it was José Luis Muñoz Muñoz, but I haven't re-watched his presentation, so I'm not totally sure) mentioned a photography project that sought to document the post-bubble abandonment of parts of the suburban fringe of Madrid...

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