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Blogosphere: Opposing House Transpo Bill, SADAG 2050 Plan, Transport Mega-Projects, Food Truck No Fly Zone, Nashville Downtown Code

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: 10 Reasons for Opposition to House Bill

T4 America

As the House prepares to take up its transportation bill next week, criticism is pouring in from a diverse range of transportation stakeholders, elected officials, health professionals, business and labor groups and public interest organizations...

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Blogosphere: SANDAG's 2050 Plan Drawing Heat

LA Streetsblog

When the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) passed its 2050 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, it declared a major victory over Greenhouse Gas emissions...

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Blogosphere: Hope for Transport Mega-Projects

Eno Transportation Blog

Today's large infrastructure projects are synonymous with frustrating delays and cost overruns. Whether the project is a highway bridge, transit line, or a simple bench at a bus stop, the project always seems to take longer than expected and cost many times more than the original estimate...

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Blogosphere: Plenty of Car Free Living in DC

Greater Greater Washington

Just because many people live without a car doesn't mean we insist that everyone must live without a car. I have a car, and use it sometimes...

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Blogosphere: HSR, America's Legacy Continues

DOT Fastlane

In addition to having represented Illinois in Congress, President Obama and I have in common a fondness for one our state's greatest heroes, Abraham Lincoln. In particular, the President likes to quote notes from Lincoln in 1854 when he wrote...

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Blogosphere: A Gondola with a Cherry on Top

City Tank

When we think of aerial gondolas and trams, ski resorts and carnival-like strings of pods hovering overhead at a past world fairs usually come to mind...

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Blogosphere: Driverless Cars Would Make Sprawl OK

Bloomberg (via Streetsblog DC)

From all reports, the driverless car, once considered in the realm of science fiction, now looms on the transportation horizon. Nevada last week became the first state to issue regulations for the operation of self-driving vehicles, which, one transportation official claimed, are "surely the future of automobiles." ..

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Opinion: Transportation Laws Can Affect Health

Union Tribune

The goal of transportation law in the U.S. has been simple and clear - spend huge amounts of money to move cars as fast as possible. This policy built the interstate highways and a vast system of urban roads, allowing people to drive everywhere...

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Blogosphere: Food Truck No Fly Zone

Burrito Justice

For those with long memories, Burrito Justice pretty much got started because of the city's rather ridiculous 1500 foot no-fly zone for taco trucks around high schools. But our friendly food trucks are being attacked again...

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Blogosphere: Nashville's New Downtown Code

Old Urbanist

Having lived for three years in Nashville and developed a fondness for the place, I was glad to see the city get some coverage in a recent post by Kaid Benfield on the city's plans for developing a regional transportation network...

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Blogosphere: Data from Land Costs for Air Rights

Getting from Here to There

In New York City air rights development is a big deal.* The city has conducted a study identifying nearly 500 opportunities for development using decking opportunities above transportation facilities...

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Blogosphere: Paris-ification of Hanoi

The Atlantic Cities

When the French set out to redesign Hanoi, they weren't simply looking to imprint their urban vision on the Vietnamese. They were looking to create a city of the future. From 1873 to 1940 and again from 1946 to 1954, Hanoi was under the colonial rule of France...

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Blogosphere: Sympathy for the Suburbs

Next American City

The foreclosure crisis changed the housing market forever by lowering housing prices, altering the character of neighborhoods and creating a seemingly limitless supply of abandoned properties, but surprisingly, it has done little to change the kind of housing that gets built...

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Blogosphere: Reasons Behind Detroit's Decline

The Urbanophile

My hometown of Detroit has been studied obsessively for years by writers and researchers of all types to gain insight into the Motor City's decline. Indeed, it seems to have become a favorite pastime for urbanists of all stripes...

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Blogosphere: Single Family Backlash

Seattle's Land Use Code

Over at Seattle Transit Blog, what started out as a rallying cry for supporters of smart growth, density, and transit to consider whether reforming elections and government rapidly became a discussion about the sacred form, single family...

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Blogosphere: The Hidden Tax of Exurban Living

Rust Wire

Another edition of our ongoing series "Lies Cleveland Tells Itself (That Hurt It)" is one of my personal favorites: that it makes economic sense to move 15 miles farther away from work in order to save several hundred dollars (maybe a grand?) on property taxes...

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Blogosphere: Jazz District Authenticity Problem

The Atlantic Cities

Take a walk in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District in Kansas City, Missouri, and you'll see some of the storefronts of that bygone time. Shops, cafes, clubs, all evoking those days of prosperity and depravity that contributed to one of America's great renaissances...

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Blogosphere: How to Build a Smart City?

Urban Times

In the New Mexican desert, a 20 square mile city is being built from the ground up. With all the amenities and infrastructure of a modern city, the only thing making this city unique is that there are no residents...

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Blogosphere: Can a Font Change a City? (via DTO510)

Around the world, only a few hundred people make a living as fulltime typeface designers. Two of them happen to live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, population 167,000, where they've embarked on an ambitious project to distill the city's artistic and entrepreneurial spirit into a font called Chatype...

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Blogosphere: Elected Official Loves Sprawl

Think Progress (Not the Onion)

"Well, let me state it unequivocally: I love sprawl," says L. Brooks Patterson, county executive of Oakland County, Mich. "I need it. I promote it. Oakland County can't get enough of it," he continues, in an essay posted to the Oakland County website...

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