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Blogosphere: Portland Public Engagement, Japan's Maglev Train, Transit Impact Fees, Obama Infrastructure Proposal, Deadly Roads

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Blogosphere: In Portland, A Lesson in Involvement

German Marshall Fund Urban Current

Despite Copenhagen's preeminent position as the world's "bicycling capital," Andreas believes that the city still has much to learn from the U.S. on public engagement around bike sharing and bike infrastructure systems and alternative financing methods for such programs through private partners...

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Blogosphere: Why Does ITE Even Exist?


Mike Spack vs. ITE: Why does the Institute of Transportation Engineers exist? 10 Ideas for Big Changes. See his post for the list...

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Blogosphere: Japan's 300 MPH Maglev Train


A Japanese railway company this month unveiled a prototype for a commercial passenger train that it says can reach speeds of 310 miles per hour via magnetic levitation...

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Commentary: Transit Impact Fee Worries Some

SF Examiner

San Francisco's nonprofit health care, education, museum and housing providers may soon be hit with thousands of dollars in unexpected fees if harmful language is not omitted from pending legislation coming before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday...

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Blogosphere: State Preference Survey Design in TOD


This paper illustrates techniques for stated preference experiment design and data application in discrete choice modelling for transit-oriented development (TOD) study in a rail corridor...

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Blogosphere: Patty Murray as Senate Budget Chief

DC Streetsblog

In transportation circles, all eyes are on Rep. Bill Shuster, who was just tapped to head the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the House...

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Blogosphere: President Proposes $50B for Infrastructure

Transportation Issues Daily

President Obama has resurrected his proposal to invest $50 billion in infrastructure and wants it included in the fiscal cliff deal. Republicans were immediately critical of the proposal...

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Blogosphere: Changing the Roads that Are Killing Us

Greater Greater Washington

The day before Thanksgiving, Loudoun County elementary school principal Kathleen Hwang died. She was trying to cross a road in her Sterling neighborhood...

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Blogosphere: 6 Ideas to Steal from Barcelona

Atlantic Cities

Spain may be facing significant economic and political challenges these days, but Barcelona's city-building remains one of the best models in the world. Few cities inspire my thinking more...

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Blogosphere: TOD Newsletter from Pace Law

Better Cities and Towns

A quarterly newsletter on transit-oriented development (TOD) in the New York City region - which boasts the nation's biggest transit system - has been launched by the Pace Law Center with support from the One Region Fund in the New York Community Trust..

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Blogosphere: 'Middle Rung' Suburbs a Great Opportunity

Auckland Transport Blog

Housing affordability is most definitely a 'hot topic issue' at the moment, with today's NZ Herald running a fairly extensive article and opinion piece looking at the issue and its political implications...

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Blogosphere: The Rise of Urban Ecology

Atlantic Cities

Urbanization brings with it all sorts of effects on human behavior, but sometimes lost in the mix are the corresponding effects on plant and animal life. Understanding this ecological impact will become increasingly important as cities expand their environmental footprint and implement policies to address climate change...

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Blogosphere: An Electromagnetic Test Town


I was fascinated to read yesterday that a cyberwarfare training city is under construction, to be opened by March 2013, "a small-scale city located close by the New Jersey Turnpike complete with a bank, hospital, water tower, train system, electric power grid, and a coffee shop."..

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Blogosphere: Lost in Cary, American Suburb

Naked City Blog

I was amused recently by an article about the state's über-suburb, Cary - "Lost in Cary? Officials hope to show the way." It seems people get lost there - a lot...

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Blogosphere: Starchitects Don't Know Best


It isn't uncommon among the architectural and general media to solicit opinions from starchitects regarding their opinions about the globalization of architecture, the homogenization of design across borders, or what they have to say to critics of these practices...

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Blogosphere: Listening Skeptically to NIMBYs

Cap'n Transit

So Kaid Benfield's post "Mitigating the environmental paradox of smart growth: softening urban density" got the snazzier title "The Case for Listening to NIMBYs" when it was reposted on the Atlantic Cities...

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Blogosphere: Cartography and Conflict


Alexander Murphy recalls visiting a Guatemala museum some years ago and gazing up at a huge relief map of the country. Something about the borders struck the University of Oregon geography professor as out of place...

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Blogosphere: Designing Zero Waste Cities

The Conversation

The current state of worldwide urban development is depressing. We are not moving towards environmentally sustainable design and reduced consumption quickly enough...

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