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Blogosphere: Private Rail Profitability, Charlotte Sidewalks, Parking Mandates, Poticha On Infrastructure, Jacobs On Car-Based Cities

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Blogosphere: Can 100% Private Rail Turn Profit?

DC Streetsblog

Public-private partnerships have recently become a popular policy prescription for the prospect of reviving inter-city passenger rail...

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Blogosphere: Did Senate Kill Private Finance

The New Republic

The federal transportation reauthorization passed by the U.S. Senate earlier this month is notable for its (relative) bi-partisanship and for putting in place several key reforms...

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Blogosphere: Rebuilding Infrastructure


After a full day dedicated to defining infrastructure and how we understand it, the Landscape Infrastructure conference at Harvard Graduate School of Design closed with an afternoon mega-panel examining landscape, infrastructure, and ecological systems...

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Blogosphere: Charlotte Money from Roads to Sidewalks

Naked City

I walked to work today in what must be considered perfect weather for a 4.5-mile hike: a sunny morning, cool but not cold, blooming bulbs and dogwood trees, grass as vibrant green as the eye can absorb. And just as lovely, today I had no near-death encounters with oblivious drivers...

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Blogosphere: 12 Things to Know About 2012 Transport

The City Fix

Asia's rapidly growing economies require significant investments in transport infrastructure and services, plus policies and strategies to promote sustainable transport. Here are some issues that continue to challenge this sector...

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Blogosphere: Parking Mandates Stymy Development

Urban Cincy

Downtown Cincinnati is home to five Fortune 500 companies, three professional sports teams, local businesses, and according to the 2010 U.S. Census, about 5,300 residents. But the area is also home to more than 35,000 off-street parking spaces...

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Blogosphere: Expand Toll Lanes in South Florida

Palm Beach Post

All of South Florida's highways and even some of its major roads may one day offer tolled express lanes, if the recommendations in a study released Tuesday are carried out...

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Blogosphere: Successful Stadiums Downtown

The Atlantic Cities

Coors Field, in downtown Denver, became home to baseball's Colorado Rockies in 1995. Its impact on the city was as immediate as it was considerable: housing units in the area of the stadium doubled within a year of its completion, and retail and restaurant development experienced a similar boom...

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Blogosphere: Conservative Perspective - Smart Growth

Renew Lehigh Valley

The phrase "smart growth" has a liberal connotation, but that label is unfairly given. Smart growth policies benefit everyone. It is not a partisan issue; at least it shouldn't be a partisan issue...

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Blogosphere: Poticha On Infrastructure Investments

The HUDdle

As President Obama often says, "this is a make or break moment for the middle class" and for those who are working hard to reach it. The American middle class is beginning to recover from the economic crisis...

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Blogosphere: Jane Jacobs for Car Based Cities

The Urbanophile

To put them in context, it's important to understand that Ms. Jacobs formed these tenets while observing her Greenwich Village NYC neighborhood (and similar ones) during the 1950s (the book came out in 1961)...

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Blogosphere: Enclosed Malls Fade from DC Region

Greater Greater Washington

Once the economic juggernaut of suburbia, enclosed malls are slowly dying all across America. The Washington region is no exception...

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Blogosphere: Understanding Capital Absorption

Living Cities

Last summer, as part of the first phase of our research on capital absorption, my colleagues Katie Grace and Katie Doherty at the Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University and I conducted a series of interviews with community investment practitioners and other stakeholders in Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL...

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Blogosphere: Why Energy Use is Water Usage 

Atlantic Cities

Every time you turn on your kitchen sink or flush your toilet, your electricity meter should be running. And every time your electricity meter is moving, imagine a faucet somewhere pouring out water at full blast...

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Blogosphere: Reviving KC's Forgotten Urban Center

This Big City

If you ask a local from the Kansas City area where the West Bottoms are located, several would not be able to pinpoint the location, but if you ask where Kemper Arena or the Haunted Houses are located...

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Blogosphere: Making Regulatory Reform Work Seattle

The Atlantic Cities

Analyses of Seattle's downtown rebirth seem to be in vogue of late, both from here and afar. From Jon Talton in The Seattle Times to Richard Florida, writers are holding up small mirrors to the central city-scape - like the "Claude Glass" used by landscape painters of old...

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