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Blogosphere: Privatizing Amtrak Politics, Why UK Privatization Failed, Bus Industry Innovation, Boomers & Cities, Dezoning & Density

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Commentary: Rs Can Privatize Amtrak if They Want

Minneapolis Star Tribune

It is an election year, so Republicans are once again calling to privatize Amtrak. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his party say they want private rail operators...

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Commentary: Widen Discussion on N'Hood Parking

Portland Oregonian

The right solution for Portland's apartment parking debate isn't about quantity of spots. It's about quality: of design, of policy and of the conversation we have about our future...

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Blogosphere: Why Britain's Rail Privitization Failed

The Atlantic Cities

"A short history lesson helps," wrote Christian Wolmar, a British journalist and leading critic of the privatization of British Rail that began in 1993. Taking readers back to the 1820s, he wrote:..

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Blogosphere: Voter Confusion Could be Decider

Houston Chronicle

It always is tempting to describe ballot measures ­- such as the one asking voters this fall whether to keep diverting part of Metro's sales tax revenues for road projects - as prizefights...

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Blogosphere: Wave of Innovation from Bus Industry

Bacon's Rebellion

Municipal bus operators across the country are introducing a wide variety of innovations to a long-stagnant transportation mode. They're replacing the old bread-loaf vehicles with sleeker, more train-like designs...

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Blogosphere: Chance for Faster Bronx Commute Times

The Transport Politic

New stations in the Bronx could significantly speed up travel times for people who spend too long getting to work every day. But there must be reasonable service frequencies offered at a reasonable price...

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Blogosphere: How Will Boomers Reshape US Cities?


Walk around Arlington County, Va., the compact, urbanized jurisdiction just outside Washington, D.C., and you may start to notice some interesting design details. The sidewalks are wide - six feet in commercial areas and five in residential neighborhoods...

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Blogosphere: Dezoning and Density

Keep Houston Houston

How far does a city sprawl? I tend to measure it based on the last planned community of at least a couple hundred acres. Of course there will always be small plats of estate residential, single cul-de-sacs and so forth, but if you class that development as "urban sprawl" then 75% of Pennsylvania is urban...

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Blogosphere: Baby Boomers Will Age in Place

Housing Perspectives

Over the next two decades, the entire baby boom generation (age 45-64 in 2010) will cross the 65+ age threshold. Baby boom homeowners have dominated housing markets for so many decades that it is easy to imagine them exercising a large influence during the next two decades as they move into their senior years...

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Blogosphere: Downtowns are Booming

Atlantic Cities

Big city downtowns are becoming people places - again or, for some, for the first time. New figures [PDF] out from the U.S. Census Bureau show that downtown areas saw huge jumps in population between 2000 and 2010. ..

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Blogosphere: DC Gets Whiter, Denser

Washington City Paper

Housing Complex likes data. Today we got some, in the form of a special report from the Census Bureau that compares the 2000 and 2010 censuses. Here are the (few) bits that relate to D.C...

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Blogosphere: Housing Costs Depend on Street Names?

Atlantic Cities

Theoretically, if you were to buy a house on an Abbey Road, it would cost you $23 more per square foot than if you bought one on an Abbey Street...

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Blogosphere: Urbanites Read News Differently

Atlantic Cities

City and suburban residents are more interested in local culture and restaurant news - and are more likely to get that information from many different sources -than people living in rural areas, according to a report published yesterday...

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Blogosphere: Fixing Sprawl with Baby Steps

NRDC Switchboard

All credit to John Wirtz and his blog Xing Columbus for this one. It seems such a modest concept, really, and one that should have been standard practice long ago: put articulated pedestrian walkways to and within large suburban parking lots...

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Blogosphere: Rising Values Revive Plot Seizing Lots

Next American City

Last week, the international news media was atwitter over a dispute between Philadelphia's Redevelopment Authority (PRA), and OCF Realty, a real estate developer widely known in Philadelphia for a high-profile branding effort..

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Blogosphere: Saving the Flying Saucer Building

Rust Wire

It's been a while since the Phillips 66/Del Taco saucer at Grand and Forest Park Avenue has been in the news. Rumors have heated up recently about two future tenants set to occupy to landmark building once threatened with demolition...

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Blogosphere: Census Embraces Weighted Density

Austin Contrarian

The Census Bureau has just issued a fascinating report (warning: 130 MB pdf) on patterns of metropolitan change between 2000 and 2010. It's loaded with all sorts of interesting statistics...

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