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Blogosphere: Stamford Commuter TOD, LA Road Widening, Street Car Track Danger, Turnstile Music, City Visual Idenity

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Blogosphere: Stamford Key To Commuter Care   


The Connecticut Department of Transportation is in the process of transforming the Stamford Transportation Center into a place that will better serve commuters, the city of Stamford, the people of Southwestern Connecticut and the taxpayers of Connecticut. Faced with the need to replace a deteriorating and a too-expensive-to-maintain 1987 garage, we embarked on a bold strategy that will replace and add commuter parking at the same time that we provide opportunities for transit-oriented development near the Stamford Transportation Center....

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Blogosphere: Derision For Massive LA Road Widening 


When Streetsblog first looked at the alternatives proposed in 2009 for reducing congestion along the I-710 Corridor in Long Beach, Compton, Commerce, South Los Angeles, Watts, and East Los Angeles, staff was already pushing for adding four lanes to the existing ten mixed use travel lanes. This would add four highway lanes along the already choking 18 mile corridor to an area already choking on exhaust fumes.  72 miles of freeway the name of cleaner air. Only in California....

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Blogosphere: BRT Gaining Traction Despite Concerns 


Nashville officials are pursuing a transit line they say will be integral to the future of the region as the population grows. The 8-mile route, dubbed the East-West Connector, would link hospitals, the city's football stadium, its state Capitol and Vanderbilt University, among other destinations....

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Blogosphere: Why Derelict Streetcar Tracks Must Go 

Torononto Now 

On Monday, just four days after I wrote about the dangers of cyclists getting their wheels jammed in streetcar tracks, a rider died. While details are sketchy at this point, it appears the disused rails on Wychwood south of St. Clair West may have been a factor in the cyclist's striking his head on the pavement. News of the accident came as a shock. Some stories you'd rather get wrong....

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Blogosphere: The Lost Arpeggios of Rush Hour   

Atlantic Cities 

Watching the concert documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits last week, I remembered that James Murphy, in addition to writing the best song about New York since the heyday of Lou Reed, has an awesome idea for the NYC subway: musical turnstiles....

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Blogosphere: 'The Car Is No Longer King' 

Urban Century 

Serendipity! We thought this slogan, which appears on some newer Hubway bikes, nicely captures this past week's bikesharing zeitgeist (or is it zeitbike? Or maybe bikegeist?). We've seen no small amount of parochial chest-thumping as Hubway officially expands today into Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville (the tattooed and ironic-fedora-wearing Brooklyn of Boston)....

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Blogosphere: Sustainable Placemaking For Everyone  

Sustaining Places 

The case for sustainable places has largely been made, but how do we ensure that all populations benefit from the increased access to opportunity that these communities can provide?...

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Blogosphere: The Sky Method Of Building Cities   

The Original Green 

The American land development system is broken. The Sky Method proposes an alternative with ancient roots in a time when there were no mortgages that essentially bypasses the crippled development financing system by starting small and with very light infrastructure. It also taps into the incremental mechanism by which the untrained townspeople once built the town in a far more beautiful and organic way than most planning professionals are capable of today....

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Blogosphere: From Individual To Community Rights 

Seattle's Land Use Code 

One of our nations founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, has inculcated the idea that as Americans we are entitled to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." These are basic human principles most people want....

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Blogosphere: Data-Mining A City's Visual Identity 

Atlantic Cities 

Paris looks like, well, Paris, and like nowhere else on earth, which is a large part of the charm of the French capital. As a tourist, you don't even have to visit the Eiffel Tower to know you've landed in La Ville-Lumière. Wander down any side street in a residential neighborhood, and the city simply has a distinctive look and feel, the result of myriad small distinctions from the way Parisian balconies are constructed to the style of the city's streetlights....

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Blogoshpere: Beer Caves Redux 

Edible Geography 

Underneath the pubs, shops, houses, and office buildings of Nottingham lie more than five hundred man-made caves, carved into the city's soft sandstone bedrock over a thousand years, and now largely abandoned and forgotten....

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Blogosphere: Imagining 'Depthscrapers' In 1931 Japan 

Modern Mechanix (H/T Atlantic Cities)  

THE "Land of the Rising Sun" (Japan) is subject to earthquakes of distressing violence at times; and the concentration into small areas of increasing city populations invites great destruction, such as that of the Tokio earthquake of 1923, unprecedented in magnitude of property loss, as well as life....

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