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Blogosphere: Stigma On The Bus, Amtrak Northeast Plans, CAHSR & French Offer, Transforming Detroit

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Blogosphere: Stigma of Riding the Bus in America

The Atlantic Cities

In 2009, Jacqueline Carr's public transit experience was limited to bus lines of the "party" variety. Then, Carr lost her talent agency gig, sold her Jetta, and charted out a route to her new job-and yoga class-on the Los Angeles city bus system...

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Blogosphere: Northeast Corridor 90% Cheaper

Pedestrian Observations

Amtrak's latest Next-Generation High-Speed Rail plan is now up to $151 billion, from a prior cost of $117 billion. This is partially a small cost escalation, but mostly including Master Plan upgrades to the legacy line...

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Blogosphere: Why Shackle Future to Traffic Models

Walking Bostonian

Potentially good news received: the Casey Arborway design may be reduced by two lanes. The at-grade intersections replace the failing Casey Overpass. Originally, MassDOT planners had pushed for an extra two lanes for the corridor that is being renovated...

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Blogosphere: Silicon Valley and DC Philosophies Clash

Greater Greater Washington

Councilmember Mary Cheh (Ward 3) stepped into a firestorm yesterday when car service Uber claimed that the council was about to forbid lower prices for its service. This fight resembles so many policy debates around technology, because it's a choice between two fundamental philosophies...

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Blogosphere: Columbus Ohio Freeway Deck

Walkable DFW

You don't often hear the words "Columbus" and something, anything "nice" syntactically juxtaposed. I kid, Columbus. However, I was previously unaware they had decked a freeway with Ponte Vecchio-style bridge...

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Blogosphere: Flex Funding Under Attack Already

DC Streetsblog

Just days after Congress passed a bill allowing states to spend funds supposedly designated for biking and walking on completely unrelated projects, transportation officials are already circling like vultures over that money...

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Blogosphere: SNCF Plan Stirs the Pot in HSR Fight

Market Urbansim

If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll know that I spent this afternoon on the phone with folks in California, looking into the recent SNCF-CHSRA bombshell. To summarize: SNCF, the highly experienced French national high-speed rail operator, apparently had a plan for California's HSR network, but was turned off by the highly politicized routing...

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Blogosphere: Devising New Clusters in Delhi

The City Fix

Delhi is a city of 7 million registered motor vehicles, more than the number of vehicles in India's three other major cities-Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai-combined. The city grapples with the all-too-familiar urban problems of traffic congestion, pollution and crashes...

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Blogosphere: Can Two Frenchies Transform Detroit?

This Big City

One year ago, French filmmakers Nora Mandray and Hélène Bienvenu moved to Detroit and promptly fell in love with the place. The self-declared 'two Frenchies' started Detroit Je T'aime...

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Blogosphere: Can City Dwellers Have Nice Things?

The Atlantic Cities

Maybe the backlash was inevitable. There was a lot of hype about the reopening of McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after 28 years...

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Blogosphere: Apple's Missed Opportunities

Better Cities and Towns

I never intended to become so knowledgeable about Apple, Inc.'s new "spaceship" headquarters being developed in Cupertino, California. Really, I didn't...

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Blogosphere: Urban and Suburban Fortune 500

The Atlantic Cities

Fortune Magazine recently released its annual list of the largest 500 companies in the world. Of those, 132 are based in the U.S. An interactive map gives us an idea about where these global megacorporations are headquartered..

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Blogosphere: Ideation is Growing Business in Memphis

Governing Magazine

City leaders face tremendous pressure to respond to crises quickly and decisively, and they frequently excel at doing just that. "What are we going to do about this?" or "What can we do about this?"..

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Commentary: Region's Rural Land Worth Sparing

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Prior to the housing bubble's burst, the hum of bulldozers and the hammering of construction crews in the rural areas surrounding the Twin Cities seemed without end...

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