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Blogosphere: Streetcar-Oriented Development, Census Commuting Data, London Olympic Rail Legacy, Cargo Cyclists

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Blogosphere: Can Streetcar Spur Eastside Employment 

Portland Transport

On this opening week of the new Portland Streetcar Central Loop comes news from Seattle, where their South Lake Union Streetcar just announced an agreement with Amazon worth an astonishing $5.5 million over 10 years in capital and operating assistance...

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Blogosphere: Commuting in the Census Data

New Geography

Continuing my exploration of the 2011 data from the American Community Survey, I want to look now at some aspects of commuting...

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Blogosphere: London Rail's Olympic Legacy

London's rail network experienced record passenger levels this summer, as the city took on the colossal task of hosting both the Olympic and Paralympic Games on top of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations...

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Blogosphere: Last Dirt Road in Manhattan? 

Scouting NY 

The other day, I was out scouting alleys, and decided to take a walk up to Broadway Alley, which runs from East 26th - 27th between Lex & 3rd...

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Blogosphere: Cargo Cyclists Replace Trucks

Low Tech Magazine

Those with strong cycling legs have ever more jobs up for grabs in Europe these days. A growing number of businesses are using cargo cycles, a move towards sustainable and free-flowing city traffic that is now strongly backed by public authorities. ..

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Blogosphere: Existing Housing is Affordable Housing

We see gobs of money spent on new "affordable housing". Ok, "gobs" is not a very precise term. Marlys Harris reports in affiliate MinnPost that nonprofits are pushing for 4500 units of affordable housing on the Central Corridor...

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Blogosphere: Research Institutions and Prosperity


In 1906, James McKeen Cattell of Columbia University assembled a list of the 1000 most eminent American scientists of his day and published an analysis of their geographic distribution in the journal Science, including the 40 cities with at least five top scientists...

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Blogosphere: Ecology of Real Estate, Ecosystems

The Nature of Cities

In 1990 the municipal landfill of the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey (near New York City) was officially closed and a leachate system, layers of cleaner soils, and two brand new wetlands were constructed...

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Blogosphere: Does SF Need Micro Apartments? No

Keep Houston Houston

So I read in the LA times that San Francisco is considering reducing the minimum apartment size from 290 square feet to 220 square feet. In principle, I'm all for this. Apartments should be legal, SROs should be legal, mega-cheap housing options are great for the homeless to the budget-conscious...

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Blogosphere: Tricky Politics of Vacant Lots

The Atlantic Cities

The empty lot next door to Ori Feibush's coffee shop in Philadelphia's Point Breeze neighborhood wasn't really empty. Though vacant, it was full of garbage and overgrown vegetation that made it - like many vacant lots in cities around the world...

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