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Blogosphere: Sydney's Light Rail Future, Governance & Poverty, Discussing Density, Developers Vs. Environmentalists, Minority Demographics

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Blogosphere: Sydney's Light Rail Future

Price Tags

TRAMS will become a major part of Sydney's commute again, the O'Farrell government will announce in its long-awaited final transport plan for the state...

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Blogosphere: Governance the Key to Addressing Poverty


One of the principal challenges of global urbanization is the improvement of living conditions in slums, or communities with insufficient infrastructure and land tenure...

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Blogosphere: Discussing Density the Right Way 

Joe Urban

Today's article in the Star Tribune, "Minneapolis Sees High-Density Future", misses the point about city building. There is a lot of talk about density and of increasing the city's population to the arbitrary number of 400,000 people...

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Blogosphere: Developers Against Environmentalists

Fox Business

Vacant industrial land near salt marshes and a derelict rail bridge seem like an odd setting for the beginnings of a lifestyle revolution in scenic California, but planners in the San Francisco Bay suburb of Newark view it as just that...

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Blogosphere: New Minority Tipping Points


In the wake of a presidential election that underscored the rising political clout of fast growing minority groups, the Census Bureau's new population projections reiterate the trend...

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Blogosphere: Urban Discontents, or What is Urban?

Pop Theory (via @thepolisblog)

There has been a flurry of interest in the theme of 'planetary urbanization' recently. Andy Merrifield has an essay on the theme of 'Whither urban studies', and there is a longer published version of his argument about the contemporary fate of the old-fashioned sounding 'urban question' (and Andrew has a new book coming out on all this too, The Politics of the Encounter)...

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