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Blogosphere: Tacoma Link Plans, NY Plan Ignores Bike & Ped, Streetcar Myths, DC Housing Shortage, Smarter Growth

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Blogosphere: Six Downtown Alternatives for Link

Tacoma Tomorrow

Yesterday, I was able to attend the Sound Transit open house on Tacoma Link Expansion. Following the last comment period, ST and their consultants compiled a list of 24 distinct corridor alternatives. These alternatives were based on the roughly 300 comments that were filed...

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Blogosphere: Spending Blueprint Overlooks Walk/Bike


Advocates for safer streets are alarmed by a New York State DOT "blueprint" for capital investments that scarcely acknowledges walking or biking as modes of transportation...

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Blogosphere: Bike Bays Make Left Turns Safer

Greater Greater Washington

As American cities become more cycling friendly, bike lanes themselves are becoming more diverse. The toolbox of street design options available to planners is broadening to include new tricks and layouts...

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Commentary: Development Myths Drive Streetcar

Portland Tribune

For much of human history, mass transit has had the utilitarian goal of quickly moving people from place to place. Even Portland's early streetcars were designed with speed in mind...

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Blogosphere: The Beauty of Urban Planning from Space

Urban Times

Escaping from the regular debate that surrounds urban planning - veering away from the economics, the societal balances, the environmental sensitivities - and looking directly into the eye of the urban space from above, it becomes clear that the beauty of a city is not reserved to terra firma alone...

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Blogosphere: Invest in R&D, Cut Mortgage Tax Break

The New Republic

As tax hikes and spending cuts loom, we at the Metro Program will continue to harp on the need also to renew the economy. Put simply, U.S. economic strength and fiscal health requires that Congress cut and invest to catalyze economic renewal even as it moves the nation toward fiscal stability...

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Blogosphere: What Are You Doing to Make Better Place?


What are you doing to make your city a better place to live? I mean it, what are you actually doing? It's tempting to think that if we read (or even, like me, write) an urban blog, vote, or write the occasional letter of protest that we are doing our part. But while words, protest, and lobbying are important, they are not nearly enough...

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Blogosphere: New Climate Exurbs in Middle East

The Atlantic Cities

A new report from the World Bank presented at the Doha climate change conference says that, like much of the developing world, the Middle East is already being squeezed by two climate-driven trends: increasing urbanization and increasing vulnerability of urban areas...

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Blogosphere: Why Can't We Build Enough Housing

Greater Greater Washington

Almost everyone would agree that we have an affordability problem here in the Washington region. We have argued that localities are neither planning for, nor facilitating, a sufficient supply of housing at all price or rent levels...

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Blogosphere: Smarter Growth Happening Everywhere


At a presentation in the ornate wood-paneled offices of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Lisa Jackson, the EPA announced this year's winners of their annual smart growth awards...

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Blogosphere: What is a Global City?

New Geography

We hear a lot of talk these days about so-called "global cities." But what is a global city? Saskia Sassen literally wrote the book on global cities back in 2001 (though her global cities work dates back well over a decade prior to that book)...

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Blogosphere: Electric City 2012, LSE Graphics

Guardian UK Data Store

The 2012 LSE Cities conference explores how urban societies across the world are adapting to and embracing technological innovation and environmental change. We have been given exclusive access to some of the data visualisations on display at the event..

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