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Blogosphere: Taxing Transit In Toronto, Bike & Pedestrian Safety Stats, Arenas & Economic Development, Economics Of Walkability

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Blogosphere: Amtrak CEO Takes Bite Out Of Criticism  

Politico Pro 

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica is lovin' it - but Amtrak sure isn't.  Mica's press event last week, held outside a Hill-area McDonald's to highlight the railroad's food and beverage service, "did damage our reputation," Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman wrote to employees in a memo obtained by POLITICO....

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Blogosphere: Looking For Rebound After Atlanta Vote 

The Hill 

A Washington, D.C.-based smart growth advocacy group said Thursday that transportation supporters can rebound from a recent defeat in Atlanta with upcoming transit funding elections in other places....

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Blogosphere: Taxing For Transit In Toronto 


Last week, voters in Atlanta, Georgia shot down a proposal that would have implemented a one cent sales tax to fund transportation projects. The plan was defeated by an improbable coalition of the Sierra Club, the NAACP, and the Tea Party, bonded together by a general distrust of politicians and by the populist paranoia that dominates American politics in the 21st century....

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Blgosophere: Bike, Pedestrian Safety Stats 


The bike-hate trifecta in today's Daily News is really something to behold: a piece on cyclists topping the 25 mph speed in Central Park which required the labor of at least four reporters; a companion editorial, leading the opinion page, spewing invective at some of the people who have done the most to make the city streets safer for walking and biking; and a short editorial demanding answers about when NYC will get its 100 percent privately-funded bike-share system already....

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Blogosphere: Paris Example For Texas Highway Removal 

Dallas News 

I mentioned yesterday in my post about S.M. Wright Freeway that it's just not a few South Dallas folks who see a connection between vibrant neighborhoods and the removal of eyesore highways.  I could have added a better example: In Paris, which as Rudy Bush notes, is the city is going to take down large parts of the two-lane highway that runs along the River Seine and, in the words of the Guardian newspaper, return it to the people....

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Blogosphere: Do Arenas Spur Economic Development? 

Atlantic Cities 

As neighborhood residents brace themselves for monster traffic jams and noisy crowds in anticipation of its September opening, a compelling new study by Geoffrey Propheter of George Washington University in The Journal of Urban Affairs sheds new light on precisely the question that should have been addressed before ground was broken: Are basketball arenas catalysts of economic development, or not?...

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Blgosophere: Homeownership Still American Dream? 

NHC Open House  

It's become an article of faith in post-recession America: young adults aren't buying homes....

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Blogosphere: Olympic Displacement Or Empowerment?  

Roof Lines 

The Olympics are filled with fascinating storylines that illustrate an athlete's life-long goal of competing at the games-often overcoming adversity in the process.  But there's always another story quietly taking place just feet (or is it meters?) away-the effect of the games on the neighborhoods in which they take place....

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Blogosphere: The Economics Of Walkability 

New Public Health 

The takeaway from our report is that there's been a structural shift in how we build the built environment. This is not a cyclical change caused by a periodic recession. This is a structural shift. The last time we had this was after the Second World War. We're building fundamentally a different America....

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Blogosphere: The Perfect Host for 2024 Olympic Games 

Wall Street Journal 

The United States hasn't hosted an Olympics since 2002, and surely won't through at least 2020. With revenue-sharing quibbles between the USOC and the IOC resolved earlier in May, America's next summer Olympics could come as soon as 2024, and the Journal has done some scouting for the next perfect host. It's a sports-crazed town that hasn't welcomed a Games before, and, what's more, it has some of the highest Olympics TV ratings in the country. The Games of the XXXIII Olympiad should be held in...Milwaukee....

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Blogosphere: Job Sprawl Strain On Two-Income Homes  


When Mark Lampert was a kid, his mom stayed home with him and his brothers. His dad was out the door by 4:30 every morning, driving to the commuter lot in their distant Houston suburb to take the bus in to the city for work. He had friends whose parents both worked, and when those friends came home from school they had the house to themselves - "which is why we went over there to build pipe bombs," Mark said. At Mark's house, dinner was ready and everyone was home by 6:00 every night....

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Blogosphere: A Case Against Densification Of Cities 


Last month Toronto's deputy mayor, Doug Holyday, uttered what has become a cultural taboo in Canada's largest city. Downtown Toronto, he said, is no place to raise a family....

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Blogosphere: Secrets Of The Congestion Lobby  

Mother Nature Network 

Is the environmental movement out to "get" the auto industry? Do the Sierra Club and Union of Concerned Scientists work overtime with urban planners, rail lobbyists and their colleagues in Smart Growth America for that glorious day when our roads will at last be car-free?....

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Blogosphere: Where Would Jesus Live?   

Seattle Land Use Code  

Jean-Paul Sartre's play, Huis Clos, is probably best remembered for the phrase, "l'enfer c'est les autres," often translated as, "hell is other people." In the play three people arrive in hell and are locked in a room for all eternity. Upon arriving the first "guest" is surprised not to find any devils with pitchforks or any devices for gruesome torture. The torture, instead, will be coming from his roommates who have yet to arrive. Once they do, the real pain begins.....

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