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Blogosphere: Techno Transit Fantasy, TIFIA Rush, S.America Road Use Pricing, Virginia Beach LRT Vote, City Rankings

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Blogosphere: The Techno Fantasy that Refuses to Die

Human Transit

An article in Fast Company, by Li Wen and Shawn Gayle, has unfortunately give more oxygen to the so-called NETWORK_LA proposal, which is founded on the delusion..

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Blogosphere: DOT Approves $545m Loan for Crenshaw

The Source

The loan was announced back in 2010, but a lot of paperwork goes into securing these things. The good news is that the deal is now officially complete and the money will go a long way toward the $1.75-billion Crenshaw/LAX Line, which is currently out to bid to contractors...

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Blogosphere: The TIFIA Rush is On

Streetsblog DC

It's October 1, the start of the federal government's fiscal year 2013, and the first official day of the MAP-21 transportation law. The law was signed July 6 but got a three-month grace period to let U.S. DOT set guidance and give states a little time to get ready for the new requirements..

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Blogosphere: S American Countries Consider Pricing

This Big City

Whether they own a Prius or a Hummer, a Porsche or a Pinto, or anything in between, car owners all over the world can agree on one thing: they don't want to pay to use the roads they drive on. User fees like toll roads, congestion pricing, or others, are almost always met with scorn...

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Blogosphere: Could Ferries Work in Anacostia?

Greater Greater Washington

A fleet of tiny ferries zigzags back and forth between neighborhoods and major tourist attractions on both sides of Vancouver's False Creek. Could the same work on the Anacostia River...

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Editorial: Light Rail Question on the Ballot

Virginian Pilot

Most voters in Virginia Beach know they'll have the opportunity next month to weigh in on light rail. But the ramifications of the ballot question remain unclear:..

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Blogosphere: Spending Cap on Tunnel Raised?

Public Cola

File this one under Mayor Mike McGinn told you so. There was some startling news this week: State Rep. Judy Clibborn (D-41, Mercer Island), the state house transportation committee chair, told us that she would lift the $2.4 billion state spending cap on the tunnel...

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Blogosphere: Do Rankings Affect Our Opinions of Cities

The Atlantic Cities

There's no shortage of information about cities. From population and unemployment to crime and traffic statistics, urban and regional data is swirling all around us...

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Blogosphere: Interview with APA President Silver

Urban Times

In my effort to interview some of the intellectual leaders in today's built environment conversations, I caught up with Mitchell Silver, current President of the American Planning Association to get his thoughts on some of the current trends within urban planning today and what we might expect for the future. ..

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Blogosphere: Twitter as a Suggestion Box

Next American City

While reporting for my recent Forefront story about Urbanism 2.0, I spoke with John Tolva, chief technology officer for the city of Chicago and IBM's former director of citizenship and technology...

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Blogosphere:  How Much $ India's Cities Spend? Dunno 

The Atlantic Cities

One of this city's prized attractions, just across its central river, is the Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Park. It is stunning-a hundred-plus acres of pink sandstone, manicured greens and glimmering marble...

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