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Blogosphere: Traffic Engineering Fail, Light Rail & Freight Rail, KC Streetcar Plan, Infrastructure Cliff, Millennials & Suburbs

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Fundamental Failure of Traffic Engineering

Atlantic Cities

What if we designed cities for pedestrians and people on bicycles rather than engineering them for people in cars? What if a bike lane were as easy and intuitive to use as a chair, for instance, or a toothbrush, or a smartphone?..

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Blogosphere: City Likes SW LRT, Not Current Plan

Minnesota Post

Nobody wants the freight trains. The City of Minneapolis moved a step closer to endorsing the Southwest Light Rail Line but will not accept a plan (PDF) that includes freight trains, light rail and the recreational trails running through the relatively narrow strip of land known as the Kenilworth Corridor. ..

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Commentary: Thumbs Up for KC Streetcar Plan

Kansas City Star

A two-mile streetcar line in downtown has the potential to be an extremely positive amenity for Kansas City. The project has gotten this far thanks to a small but passionate band of downtown residents..

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Blogosphere: Who Will Keep America from Infra Cliff

Atlantic Cities

When officials in Denver started drafting a strategic traffic plan a few years back, they concluded that the city no longer had the money to expand its roads to meet the surging demands. They would have to make do with what they had...

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Commentary: How Cities Can Save China

New York Times

CHINA is experiencing its most severe economic downturn in decades, and revitalizing its economic model is critical to future prosperity - not only in China, but around the world...

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Blogosphere: Transforming Bogota


Lots of folks have heard of the positive changes in transport in Bogotá, Columbia, including things like the Transmilenio BRT system, bike lanes, and the ciclovia. But I don't think most folks are familiar with all that happened and the journey to get there...

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Blogosphere: Cyclists/Peds Spend More Each Month

Atlantic Cities

Kelly Clifton has heard this stereotype a number of times: "Cyclists are just a bunch of kids who don't have any money," says the professor of civil and environmental engineering at Portland State University...

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Blogosphere: Will Millennials Head for the Suburbs


The millennial generation stands to shape our cities for decades to come, largely because it's so big: 86 million, compared to 77 million baby boomers...

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Blogosphere: Cities Without Borders

This Big City

It is said that when Romulus and Remus began the process of founding the ancient city of Rome, they first delineated the pomerium, the sacred boundary of the city. Using a heavy plow, they would press down lines in the tall grass to designate this boundary...

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Blogosphere: HUD Builds Record for Smart Planning

NRDC Switchboard

I have been majorly impressed by the community-building work of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development since its Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities was created almost three years ago...

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Blogosphere: Empowering Cities with Data

CEOs for Cities

Like a machine, our cities are made up of a variety of moving parts-needing maintenance and upkeep to run properly. Our cars have convenient dashboards that alert us when the oil is running low or our engines are malfunctioning...

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