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Blogosphere: Transit & White People, Transit Access To Labor, Visualizing US BRT, Crowdfunding Infrastructure, Tiny NY Apartments

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Blogosphere: Is Transit Failing White People?

Human Transit

How do you react when you read the following sentence? "In Los Angeles, 92 percent of bus riders are people of color." This supposedly shocking fact is the starting point for Amanda Hess's confused and aggravating piece in the Atlantic today, which argues that somehow transit is failing because it's not attracting enough white people...

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Blogosphere: Transit Access to Labor


An analysis of data from 371 transit providers in the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas reveals that: Over three-quarters of all jobs in the 100 largest metropolitan areas are in neighborhoods with transit service...

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Blogosphere: Does Transit Connect Employees to Labor?

The New Republic

As the nation continues its anemic economic recovery, media outlets and researchers have begun looking at the employer side of the jobs equation. Widespread reports have covered the inability of many firms to fill their open vacancies, with some suggesting a skills mismatch and others citing lagging demand...

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Blogosphere: Inadequate Transit/Sprawl Cuts Workers

DC Streetsblog

If there's a problem connecting workers with workplaces, it stands to reason that there's a problem connecting workplaces with workers. A new report from the Brookings Institution has teased out the subtleties of this side of the transit/jobs equation...

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Blogosphere: New Tool Visualizes American BRT

The City Fix

Duke University's Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC) released a new report, "U.S. Bus Rapid Transit: 10 high-quality features and the value chain of firms that provide them," a collection of best practices and metrics for bus rapid transit (BRT) in the United States...

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Blogosphere: Crowdfunding Major Infrastructure

Goodspeed Update

"Crowdfunding" refers to the use of the internet to raise money from a large group of people for a cause. The canonical example is Kickstarter, whose donors have pledged over $230 million since its founding for a variety of creative projects...

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Blogosphere: Why Subway Station Presentation Matters

Second Avenue Sagas

It's no big stretch to claim that the New York City subway's station infrastructure is not in particularly good shape. As the authority has invested billions in track, signal, switch and rolling stock maintenance and upgrades over the past three decades..

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Blogosphere: The SNCF CAHSR Bombshell

Pedestrian Observations

The most important HSR news right now is the recent revelation on the LA Times, strategically made immediately after the state legislature had voted to appropriate the required money to begin construction, that the California HSR Authority had brushed off an offer from SNCF..

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Blogosphere: Greetings from a Dam

The Atlantic Cities

You may, at some point, find yourself in an antique store or junk shop flipping your way through a seemingly endless stack of postcards. It happened to me recently, and though it may not have been the highlight of my weekend..

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Blogosphere: Bloomberg Wants More Tiny Apartments

Next American City

Think studio apartments in New York City are already too small? Well, it looks like things are about to get a lot smaller. Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday launched adAPT NYC (APT stands for apartment...

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Blogosphere: China and the Future of Hong Kong

New Geography

Last week Hong Kong's new leader Leung Chun-ying was sworn into office by Chinese President Hu Jintao. The ceremony coincided with the 15th anniversary of the British handover of Hong Kong to China so there was plenty of rhetoric about 'strengthening ties with the motherland'...

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