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Blogosphere: Transit's Failure In Ohio, Praise For Senate Bill, World's Longest Park, Google Maps Defections, End Of Rural Suburbs

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Blogosphere: Transit Fails Ohio's Urban Poor

Next American City

Once every four years, politicians descend on a hard luck steel town in northeast Ohio called Youngstown. With a 50 percent poverty rate - the worst in the country - Youngstown makes a compelling campaign speech backdrop, illustrating everything that is wrong with government, or maybe America...

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Blogosphere: Accodlades for Passed Senate Bill

DC Streetsblog

Praise for the Senate transportation bill and its bipartisan passage is pouring in to the inboxes of Congressional transportation reporters this afternoon...

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Blogosphere: 128 Agencies, and Some Riders Left Out 

Crosscut (via @Otis_White) 

One sees it in ways large and small: the confusion that is public transportation in our region whenever someone is trying to make more than a simple trip on a heavily traveled route or with a single transit provider...

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Blogosphere: The World's Longest Park

Pop Up City

Marseille-based artist Gaëlle Villedary is the woman behind Tapis Rouge!, a grass carpet installation that runs through the entire French town of Jaujac. ..

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Blogosphere: Strengthens Seattle

NRDC Switchboard

Despite being all-in with blogging and social media, I'll confess to some ambivalence toward electronic media that displace bricks-and-mortar retail experiences...

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Blogosphere: Why Defection from Google Maps

Digital Trends (via @cubitplanning) 

In recent years, Google Maps has transformed itself from an also-ran service struggling to catch up with the likes of MapQuest to a market-leading mapping and route planning service that seems to be everywhere...

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Blogosphere: The Messy Suburb

Metropolis Magazine

Gurgaon is one of India's fastest-growing urban districts. Located 15 miles south of New Delhi, this suburb has seen its population balloon by more than 70 percent over the past decade...

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Blogosphere: One Man Built Fiber Optic Network

The Atlantic Cities

Patrick Kennedy looked into the future, and he didn't like what he saw. Kennedy is CEO of the software company OSIsoft, and he worried that his data-rich business would be increasingly limited by the capacity of his city's telephone-style internet infrastructure...

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Blogosphere: End of the Rural Suburb?


I read a recent column that suggested getting rid of the word "suburb." While there's still a distinction between the central city and the outskirts, the author noted that many of the outskirts have acquired an urban character, and can no longer be dismissed as the white bread, boring suburbs. ..

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Blogosphere: The Politics of Playgrounds

Atlantic Cities

Unless you're a frequent reader of parenting blogs, you might not know there's a major divide in the world of children's playgrounds...

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Blogosphere: We Need Old Buildings

Seattle Transit Blog

I recently read an article by Architect Lyz Dunn for AIA Seattle where she makes a great case for preserving old buildings during the densitification process. The paper is very good and I recommend everyone read it...

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Blogosphere: Charted - The Most Livable Cities

The Atlantic Cities

This new index by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks the competitiveness of 120 of the most prominent global cities on a variety of economic factors. New York tops the list, followed by London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Paris...

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Blogosphere: Density, Sustainability, and Happliness

This Big City

After an hour and a half of driving, I was pretty thoroughly disgusted with the whole idea of suburbs. I became more and more unreasonable as I became more and more lost...

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Blogosphere: Flyways and Greenways

Per Square Mile

Earlier this week I pointed out that urban areas can actually increase tree cover over time, albeit with a caveat. The two studies I cited measured tree cover and only tree cover-they made no claims about ecological function...

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