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Blogosphere: Transpo Ballot Results, DC Streetcar Barn, Resurrection Of Rail, Urban Forest Benefits, Building Community Wealth

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Blogosphere: 19 Transpo Measures on Election Day

Metro The Source

Interesting news release below from the Center for Transportation Excellence - sounds like there's a lot at stake at the polls tomorrow besides whose fanny gets to sit in various elected offices:..

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Blogosphere: The 2012 Transport Vote

Transport Politic

The first two years of the Obama Administration, accompanied by Democratic Party control of the U.S. House and Senate, produced significant new investments in transportation projects nationwide...

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Blogosphere: Behold Streetcar Barn Renderings

Washington City Paper

That super-controversial proposed streetcar barn at Spingarn High School? We finally have some sense of what it might look like. Take a look at some renderings from the Historic Preservation Review Board's review of the plans..

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Blogosphere: America Rail Supertrend is Starting

Business Insider

Given emerging data in 2012, it's becoming increasingly clear that the post-war automobile era in the United States is now in well-articulated decline. Accordingly, it makes sense to note the beginning of a long-term supertrend that is just getting started: the resurrection of America's rail system...

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Blogosphere: Mayors Challenge Finalists Announced

Next American City

Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced 20 cities as finalists of the Mayors Challenge, a competition that will award $9 million worth of grant money to cities generating the most innovative solutions major urban challenges...

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Blogosphere: Measuring the Benefits of Urban Forests


At a Casey Trees' conference on urban forestry, David Nowak, Ph.D, research forester at the U.S. Forest service, one of the world's foremost experts on urban forests, and a member of the team that won the Nobel Prize at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said out of the 20 biggest cities in the U.S., 17 have declining urban forests...

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Blogosphere: Geography of Scientific Funding

Atlantic Cities

Cities are the engines of innovation. While repeated so often that it has become a cliché, the wisdom behind this is predicated on the power of cities to aggregate people, allow for collaboration, the cross-pollination of ideas, and the spread of information...

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Blogosphere: It Can't Happen Here


Because we, the righteous, live in the blessed Midwest, we do not face God's Wrath We are protected against all such natural disasters. CNN can entertain us with Disaster Porn while we comfortably eat popcorn in our homes...

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Blogosphere: Politics of Land Use & Sustainability

Seattle Land Use Code

To me it's strange that, in Seattle, we spend time arguing about whether political change is the first step to changes in policy. Suggesting that we oust some City Council members and replace them with a pro-growth coalition, for example, is a non-starter...

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Blogosphere: REO Rental Redux

Enterprise Community Partners

Late last week, FHFA announced that Colony Capital had won the bidding for foreclosed homes in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles/Riverside County in the third transaction completed under their REO pilot program...

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Blogosphere: What You Can't See from a Train Window

Next American City

This past weekend, the New York Times Magazine published a photo essay that purports to show "a true picture of the U.S. economy." It was shot along the Amtrak corridor in places like Baltimore, Philadelphia and Newark, cities where the industrial core never recovered...

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Blogosphere: 9 Ways Democratic System Unkind to Cities

Twin Cities Sidewalks

No, I'm not talking about the usual anti-urban Federal subsidies. I'm not mentioning pro-sprawl policies like the US interstate highway system, FHA redlining, the mortgage interest deduction, the low gas tax, or the uneven geography of military spending...

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Blogosphere: UK Manifesto for Progressive Planning


On Nov. 1, Planners Network U.K. (PNUK) released a draft of what they hope will become a manifesto for progressive urban planning in the United Kingdom...

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Blogosphere: Using City Gov to Build Community Wealth


While the two major party presidential candidates have many differences, both agree on the primacy of free enterprise. Mitt Romney in his speech six weeks ago to the Clinton Global Initiative said, "Free enterprise has done more to bless humanity than any other economic system."..

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Blogosphere: Romney's Murky Urban Agenda

The Atlantic Cities

If Mitt Romney wins the presidency on Tuesday, it would be fair to say the direction his future administration might take on urban policy is a mystery...

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