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Blogosphere: Travel Is All In The Mind, Making Transit Free, Buffalo's Complete Streets, Tech Impact On Evolution, 50 Densest Metro Areas

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: How Travel Limits Our Minds

Guardian UK

My train and plane journey demonstrates that how we travel reflects the way we think - and we have become a society of airheads...

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Blogosphere: Signal System Criticized

Systemic Failure

As you may have heard, Caltrain has gotten a "Go" to install a modern signal system, paving the way for electrification and high-speed rail. The Governor, Sen. Jackie Speier, and other dignitaries were on hand to celebrate the new project:..

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Blogosphere: Bloomberg - Transit Should be Free 


Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg rode the Staten Island Ferry, which has the distinction of being one of the few forms of public transportation in New York that is free to its users...

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Blogosphere: Tulsa Pearl District Controversy

Slate Moneybox

I'm in Tulsa, Okla., today after doing a speaking event last night and have been fascinated to learn that there's a big ongoing zoning controversy here in the "Pearl District" neighborhood east of downtown...

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Commentary: Buffalo's Complete Street Strategy

Buffalo News 

If you ride a bike or drive a car on the streets of Buffalo, you know that there are safety issues involving the conflicts between pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists...

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Commentary: Sprawl One Reason for CA's Problems

Los Angeles Times

The recent bankruptcies of Stockton and San Bernardino have again highlighted the fragility of many California cities' finances. In each case, the burden of public pensions has been blamed for the financial problems...

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Blogosphere: Are We Evolving Tech, or Opposite

Digital Trends

Watching the Apple Maps fiasco slowly unfold across Twitter over the past week, a stray thought struck us like a lightning bolt: humans don't just use technology - we adapt to it...

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Blogosphere: Online Crowdsourcing for Real Estate

City Tank

We created Popularise-the online crowdsourcing website that provides a platform for real estate developers and public agencies to source ideas for new development projects-to empower communities and provide them with an outlet to express what they want to see local real estate projects become...

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Blogosphere: Blurring the Edge in a Border City


At the ASLA 2012 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, a group of landscape architects, urban designers, and architects discussed their nearly decade-long effort to plan and design a new future for Chihuahua, a Mexican city found in the the greater border region between Mexico and the U.S...

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Blogosphere: 50 Densest Metro Areas

Austin Contrarian

The Census Bureau went all in on the weighted density metric. I say that because it obviously invested a lot of resources in the weighted density calculations. For example, in order to allow meaningful comparisons between 2000 and 2010 weighted densities, it retabulated the 2000 census tract data using the 2010 census tract boundaries...

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Blogosphere: Cash Strapped Cities Turning to PILOTs

Lincoln House

At least 218 local governments have received payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) from nonprofits that are collectively worth more than $92 million per year, according to a new report by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy that provides far more detail on these voluntary payments than was previously available in any single source...

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