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Blogosphere: Value Capture & Dulles Extension, Honolulu Rail Fight, HSR & Airports, Hubs Of Manufacturing

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Blogosphere: Value Capture and Dulles Extension

DC Streetsblog

The failure of Atlanta's transportation ballot measure late last month led to speculation among many analysts about what the vote meant for other regions across the country looking for ways to fund infrastructure projects...

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Blogosphere: Honolulu Project Back in Crossfire

Transport Politic

In 2008, Honolulu's citizens approved the construction of a new high-capacity rail line that would provide quick public transportation along the city's coastline. The $5.3-billion, 20-mile project is one of the largest in the nation..

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Opinion: Fayetteville Needs Funds for Transit

Fayetteville (Ark) Observer

The Fayetteville Advisory Committee on Transit is confronting the likelihood of bus-fare increases in the not-too-distant future. With the guidance of Transit Director Randy Hume, the committee is developing a policy for the City Council's consideration...

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Blogosphere: HSR and Decongestion of Airports

Pedestrian Observations

One common argument for building HSR is that it will help decongest airports, by displacing high-volume short-distance flights. This can result in a permanent reduction in air travel, reducing environmental impact, or a diversion of capacity to longer-distance flights, or perhaps a combination of both...

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Blogosphere: Reason Researchers and Expo Ridership

Public Transit . US

We would not blame readers for thinking, even for a moment, that the above is a belated April Fool's Day gag. It is not. Reason Foundation researchers Tim Cavanaugh and Scott Shackleford did indeed critique the 2030 ridership forecast for the new LRT Expo Line in Los Angeles against ridership observed on Days 3 and 4 of revenue operation...

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Blogosphere: Near SE Started Revival Before Nats

Greater Greater Washington

With the Nationals boasting the best record in the Major League, and the Near Southeast neighborhood coming alive, journalists and smart-growth bloggers alike are again claiming the stadium begot the neighborhood's transformation...

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Blogosphere: Zoning Code Reforms/Physical Activity

Health Canal

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have received a $1.5 million federal grant to examine the relationship between zoning code reforms, the physical environment, and physical-activity behavior in communities throughout the U.S...

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Blogosphere: Tax Base Sharing, Minnesota Style

National Review

The first glimmer of a response from the activists criticized in my book, Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, has emerged at the liberal Minnesota news site, MinnPost...

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Blogosphere: Hong Kong, City Without Ground

The Atlantic Cities

For miles and miles, you can walk through the city of Hong Kong without ever once putting a foot on the ground. All day you can get everywhere you need to go, taking care of any errand you might have on your list, all while separated from the streets and surface of the city...

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Blogosphere: Hubs of Manufacturing


Hubs and clusters, institutes and ecosystems: In recent years, we and others have talked a lot about the morphology of innovation systems, which are frequently anchored by major centers of research and comprised of related regional clouds of entrepreneurs, orbiting firms, industry actors, and educational institutions...

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Blogosphere: Housing Hindsight

NHC Open House

Looking back to 2009, the New York Times' Binyamin Appelbaum points to a "cautious response to the housing crisis" by the Obama Administration as a mistake with far-reaching implications. Few would dispute that the federal government has not done all it could have to stabilize neighborhoods...

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Blogosphere: Fads and the City

Naked City

An excellent package of articles is running the the Charlotte Observer, examining how much taxpayer money the city spends on its convention center (up to $30 million a year), questioning whether the payoff justifies the expense...

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Blogosphere: Urban Voters Losing Sway in Ohio's 1st

Map Grapher

This post (and accompanying mapgraphic) was inspired by a piece written by Aaron Renn published last month in his blog Urbanophile, looking at the worsening city-suburb divide in Cincinnati and how that divide is exacerbated by partisan politics...

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Blogosphere: TOD Can Get People Back to Work

Huffington Post

To help get America back to work, there is one critically important element that is often overlooked: the fact that today, simply getting from home to work and back again has become a growing challenge for many Americans...

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