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Blogosphere: 'War On Cars' Fears, Amtrak Reform, Austin MF Zoning Fights, Portland Ecodistricts, Cities & Climate Fight

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Blogosphere: Transportation Birthirism Rampant

Greater Greater Washington

Are changes to parking policy a "war on cars" or a scheme to "force people out of their cars"? That's about as preposterous as saying President Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, but both claims grow from some real underlying angst in parts of the populace. ..

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Blogosphere: Shuster Open to New Revenue Sources

Mobilizing the Region

Congressman Bill Shuster (R-Penn.), who was confirmed this week as the new chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, sent several signals that he may offer a more cooperative, less partisan model of leadership for the committee than his predecessor, Florida Rep. John Mica...

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Blogosphere: Meaningful Amtrak Reform  

DC Streetsblog

For the past two years, Amtrak has been under constant attack from House Transportation Committee Chair John Mica (R-FL), who has used his gavel to bully the rail company. He likes to call it a "Soviet-style" monopoly and he goads it for losing money on everything from long-distance routes to food service...

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Blogosphere: Battle Over Crenshaw Gets More Attention

LA Streetsblog

It was a rainy day on October 20, 2010, much like today. Days before her most recent re-election, Senator Barbara Boxer was in town, with USDOT officials in tow, to announce a $543 million no interest loan to expediate construction of the Crenshaw Line..

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Blogosphere: Spinning Circles on Freeway Teardown

Walkable DFW

Not to be naive, but now I know why politicians distill their message into carefully engineered empty soundbites. As you may or may not have seen, WFAA did a bit on the pending IH-345 feasibility study and our version that removes the elevated freeway that TxDOT in their infinite wisdom (and debt) will ignore...

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Blogosphere: Measuring America & Transport Psyc

Per Square Mile

The flight from Boston to Chicago isn't the most scenic, but if you're lucky enough to snag a window seat-no mean feat these days-study the patchwork landscape with a discerning eye about 40 minutes into the flight...

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Blogosphere: Rapid Transit Push Has Regional Support

Vancouver Sun

Surrey and Vancouver are using their combined clout to push for rapid transit projects in Metro Vancouver, despite being rivals for the scant transportation dollars available...

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Blogosphere: Seeking a Curb on Late CEQA Challenges


On the Planning Commission agenda this week is the continuation of a somewhat controversial item introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener earlier this month that would limit the citizenry's ability to hold up development projects with their appeals...

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Blogosphere: Why Does Austin Have MF Zoning Fights?

Austin Contrarian

A lot of people have the default view that developers are a congenitally greedy breed who can't be content with their base zoning entitlements. If you are one of these people, you should take a look at the chart below. ..

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Blogosphere: After 70 Years, Cities Haven't Come Far

The Atlantic Cities

If you've ever found yourself looking around the sprawled-out, suburbanized American landscape and wondering how we could have thought this was a good idea, watch the 1939 documentary The City..

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Blogosphere: Portland's Ecodistricts

The Urban Lab

EcoDistricts are a comprehensive strategy to accelerate sustainable development at the neighbourhood scale by integrating building and infrastructure projects with community and individual action. ..

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Blogosphere: Piping Sunlight Into Windowless Rooms

Urban Times

New technology from British and South Korean scientists promises to deliver natural daylight into windowless spaces, without losing any heat...

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Blogosphere: How Cities Are Leading Climate Fight


It's not every day that the author of a new book - a sharp perspective on a topic that's central to your work - approaches you and proposes that you make the entire thing available on your website. Usually, authors are more ... parsimonious with their work...

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Blogosphere: Did It Take Sandy to Acknowledge Housing

Next American City

It was nearly four weeks since Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, and the weather still seemed to be conspiring against the residents of Brooklyn's Red Hook Houses public housing development...

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Blogosphere: State Will Look at Low Income Housing


Affordable housing is widely recognized as a significant problem, but no one knows how much low-income housing is needed in Washington...

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