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Blogosphere: War On Urban Gardens, Student Loan Urban Enticements, Vietnam Sprawl, Effects Of Coddling NIMBYs

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Blogosphere: Missed Opportunities on Northern Branch

Cap'n Transit

I had to admit that New Jersey Transit isn't planning to pave paradise for the parking lots on the Erie Railroad Northern Branch. They want to take over some existing parking lots, build on top of some others...

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Blogosphere: City Officials Wage War on Gardens


Across the country and even in Canada, cities' thinking about front lawns is more than a little bit antiquated. It comes down to this simple formulation: Grass good! Vegetables bad...

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Blogosphere: Cities Offering to Help Pay Student Loans

Next American City

While cities across the U.S. struggle to attract new talent and keep their economies from stagnating, many young people fresh out of college find themselves struggling to pay their loans...

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Blogosphere: Sprawl in Vietnam

Better Cities and Towns

The US military may retreated from Vietnam in 1973, but nearly 40 years later American-style sprawl seems to have taken over, reports Michael Mehaffy in Urban Land...

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Blogosphere: How We're Connected

Metropolis Magazine

It's one of those days when patterns start forming in rapid succession. Many of them are invisible, and they're about to change how our cities work, how we learn, and how we collaborate...

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Blogosphere: Mission District in 22 Maps

The Atlantic Cities

Maps can help us find where we're going, but they can also help us understand where we are. Beyond providing simple directional information, maps can be filtered to let us know, for instance, that there's a good sandwich shop down the street..

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Blogosphere: Why Congress Can't Kill EPA/DOT/HUD Mix

DC Streetsblog

Let's say you worked for a city that was trying to revitalize a piece of land with a bunch of dilapidated buildings on it. You want to build some residences and some retail space, and you want to make better connections to the street grid...

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Blogosphere: Why Tehran Shut Its Coffee Shops

Atlantic Cities

Because the Islamic Republic of Iran's biggest problem has always been its excessive freedoms, Iranian authorities found two more ways to crack down this weekend...

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Blogosphere: Why I Don't Live in Indianapolis


It's no secret that Indianapolis has been a huge focus of my blog over the years. One of the biggest criticisms I get here, especially when I ding some other city, is that I'm nothing more than a mindless booster for Indy...

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Blogosphere: Results of Coddling Growth Opponents

Seattle Land Use Code

Distillate is defined as "a purified form; an essence." Yes, I think that's the right word. I need to learn more about the project referenced by this poster, but I already know what I am seeing...

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Commentary: Cars Drove American Dream to Nowhere

Huffington Post

Americans love their cars. I'm not entirely sure whether this bond was forged out of some vague sense of American individualism or perhaps was simply the offspring of our nation's industrial genius, but it is indisputably a part of our national character...

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