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Blogosphere: Why Grids Matter, LRT Progress In Houston, Streetcars In DC, A Tale Of Two Subways, NJ Transit Village Tour

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Blogosphere: Why Grids Matter

Walkable DFW

I have written before about the difference between dendritic and reticulated grids. However, that was highly theoretical and still lacking in real world justification. Here I'm going to try and provide further justification for the grid in a more applicable manner...

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Blogosphere: Light Rail Construction Moving Fast

Houston Press

Since 2004, anyone living or visiting the areas near Main Street, the Medical Center, the Museum District or Reliant Park has probably gotten to experience METRO Rail, for better or worse. Some ride it daily...

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Blogosphere: Transit's Long Road in Washington State

Seattle Transit Blog

In yesterday's post on Gregoire's transportation package proposal, Ben alluded to a GOP coup in the State Senate, which I'll expound upon a bit...

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Blogosphere: You'll Start Seeing Streetcars Soon

Greater Greater Washington

You could start seeing streetcars running in the District as early as this March, though just on a test track in Anacostia, and appearing for testing on H Street next fall. ..

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Blogosphere: BART Metro, Bridging Identities


In November, BART released conceptual plans for a multi-billion dollar rejuvenation that would introduce a new wave of service called BART Metro. BART expects vast ridership expansion in the next several years, and these changes would allow 50 percent growth...

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Blogosphere: DART Expands Again, But Low Ridership

Urban Rambler

Sticking with the DART theme, an article ran in the Dallas Morning News the day after the transit agency debuted a new station on the Blue Line and two on the Orange Line last week...

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Blogosphere: A Tale of Two Subways, BART and Seoul


Last year, I took a rather 'complete' tour of one of the world's largest metro rail transit systems, visiting all 483 metro stations in Seoul, South Korea over the course of a month...

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Blogosphere: Social Justice and California Dreams

Irvine Foundation

The lore of California has been one of a place of plenty - abundant harvests, growing industries, excesses of land and opportunity. While that vision has not always rung true for some, in the last few years, many in the state are starting to question if there is, indeed, enough to go around...

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Blogosphere: Advocates Tour Jersey Transit Villages

Mobilizing the Region

Interest in transit-oriented development (TOD) within Connecticut has rarely been higher. After releasing TOD grants to several cities and towns last year, the state has also moved forward on a TOD project in Stamford...

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Blogosphere: How Mafia is Ruining Naples' Food Scene

Atlantic Cities

People around the world have embraced the local food movement as a way to support local economies, eat healthier and reduce their carbon footprint. Residents of Naples, Italy, however, are doing just the opposite...

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Blogosphere: Nation Struggling with Affordable Housing

Housing Perspectives

With growth in incomes lagging growth in housing and utility costs, the share of Americans spending large sums of their income on housing has climbed nearly uninterrupted for decades...

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Blogosphere: Concentrated Poverty Harms Life Chances

Metro Trends Blog

Families in Memphis, a city marked by high poverty and unemployment, face significant barriers to living in safe and healthy communities...

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Blogosphere: Incentives Do Nothing for Econ Dev

Atlantic Cities

Last Friday, I wrote here on the "uselessness of economic development." Using The New York Times's new database on state and local economic development incentives, I found no association between these incentives and key measures of economic performance and found virtually no association for the fifty states...

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Blogosphere: Google Runs Out of Space in NYC


Google is growing fast, especially in New York. At this year's Google Zeitgeist party, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt announced that while he thought expanding into New York was a bad idea for the Mountain View, Calif.-based company, the company's now out of space in its New York headquarters...

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Blogosphere: Should Cities Within Cities Exist?


A few weeks back, I posted an article to Facebook about conflicts between the small, uber-wealthy city of Piedmont, Calif., and the much larger, more diverse and financially strapped city of Oakland, which surrounds Piedmont entirely...

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