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News: Atlanta Transpo Funding, Seattle Transit Map Example, Storm Tossed Commuters, Brooklyn Parking Glut

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Atlanta: Funding Transportation's Future

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Connecting the Port of Savannah and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport by high-speed rail is just one of the major infrastructure projects Mayor Kasim Reed thinks Georgians should get behind. ..

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Seattle: Cities Should Copy Seattle's Transit Map

Business Insider

Seattle's Department of Transportation recently released new versions of its public transport network maps. While they may seem standard, they actually represent a significant move forward in how cities communicate crucial information to residents and visitors...

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NYC: Report - Post Sandy Commuters Transportable

Transportation Nation

In the days following Hurricane Sandy, when New York's regional transit systems were either completely shut down or barely limping along, commuters still found a way to work..

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New York: Brooklyn to Get Rid of Parking Glut

New York Times (via @tdechant)

In traffic-clogged New York City, where parking spaces are coveted like the rarest of treasures, an excess of parking spaces might seem like an urban planner's dream...

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Bay Area: BART Expansion Plans, Freq Service, Express

San Jose Mercury News

As BART prepares to add even more riders to its popular system, the 40-year-old commuter line is moving toward a multibillion-dollar rejuvenation by introducing everything from express service to trains that split in half and head in different directions...

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International: Moscow Plans On Expanding Trams

The Moscow News

Moscow authorities intend to expand the capital's tram network and modernize the cars. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin examined the reconstruction of a track in eastern Moscow and suggested that the tram network be modernized and developed, RIA Novosti reported...

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Ann Arbor: Progress on Reimagining Washtenaw Ave

Ann Arbor . com

With four years of planning under the belt of the ReImagine Washtenaw initiative, a study is now in progress that could dictate the future configuration of 4.5 miles of Washtenaw Avenue from Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor to the water tower in Ypsilanti...

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St. Louis: TIF Case Could Have State Implications

St. Louis Post Dispatch

The Missouri Supreme Court will consider developer Paul McKee's massive NorthSide Regeneration plan this week, and people far beyond north St. Louis will be watching closely to see how it rules...

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International: Starbucks, Amazon, Death of High Street

Guardian UK

I for one am tired of waking up to the overpowering smell of tax free coffee. As chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge summed up the recent enquiry into tax avoidance by large companies including Amazon and Starbucks neatly:..

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International: Local Engagement in Gurgaon, India

Next American City (Paywall) 

Gurgaon, India is one of the fastest-growing cities in one of the most rapidly urbanizing countries on the planet. Known as the Millennium City because it barely existed two decades ago, the Delhi satellite is a study in contrast. Multinational corporations do business from gleaming skyscrapers that overlook unpaved roads and slums with no running water or sewer system...

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Austin: Linear Park Planned to Spark Growth

Dallas Morning News

As Fort Worth moves forward to carve out a new urban district by diverting the Trinity River, Austin has plans of its own to reclaim a lengthy swath of its downtown from the flood plain of long-neglected Waller Creek. Both projects seek to alter the flow of water and transform a latent hazard into an enticement for real estate development that will generate new property tax revenue...

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