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News: DC Streetcar Plans, Orlando Private Rail, EPA Greenhouse Gas Limits, Fed Transpo Bill Funding

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

International: Subway Work Unearths Ancient Road


Archaeologists in Greece's second-largest city have uncovered a 70-meter (230-foot) section of an ancient road built by the Romans that was the city's main travel artery nearly 2,000 years ago...

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DC: DDOT Seeks Streetcar Request for Information


The District is seeking the industry's perspective and feedback for the 22 Mile Priority Streetcar System Project. This Request for Information is an inquiry only...

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DC: Wells No Fan of Private Streetcars

Washington Post

A chief booster of the District's proposed street-car system said Tuesday he's skeptical of Mayor Vincent C. Gray's effort to secure private funding for the project...

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National: Orlando Airport Could Link With Private Rail

Transportation Nation

Orlando International Airport officials are working out a deal over a private rail company's proposed commercial rail service to Miami. The arrival of the intercity rail service - called "All Aboard Florida" - could mean the airport has to speed up plans to build a new train station...

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National: Court Upholds EPA Emissions Rules

Transportation Nation

A federal appeals court Tuesday said the Environmental Protection Agency was "unambiguously correct" in using existing federal law to limit greenhouse gases blamed for global warming...

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Phoenix: Scottsdale Sticking to Buses Over LRT

Arizona Republic

Scottsdale is moving ahead with plans for bus rapid transit on Scottsdale Road as community leaders say there is no consensus on extending light rail into the city...

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New Orleans: Deal Ties BP Fines to Gulf Transportation

New Orleans Times Picayune

Senate and House negotiators are nearing agreement on a two-year transportation bill that includes key components of legislation that would funnel billions of dollars in fines from the 2010 BP oil spill to the five Gulf States...

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Ann Arbor: WALLY Commuter Rail Design Moves Forward

Concentrate Media

The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority board's vote last week to release funding for all WALLY (Washtenaw and Livingston Railway) expenditures means the station design phase will now get underway...

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National: House Rejects Further Transport Cuts

The Hill

The Republican-led House voted down $272 million in spending cuts to a $51.6 billion Transportation Department spending bill for 2013 - dodging cuts totaling about one half of one percent of the entire bill...

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Twin Cities: Crosstown Connection Sought

Twin Cities Finance and Commerce

The Metropolitan Council is moving ahead with plans to take a hard look at what it would take to build a transitway linking the Hiawatha and Southwest light rail transit lines through south Minneapolis...

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International: Commuters to Stay Off Trains During Rush

Dutch News

Train season ticket holders are to be offered up to €500 to avoid travelling in rush hour in an effort to reduce overcrowding, the Telegraaf reports on Tuesday...

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Chicago: Segregation in the City, 1990-2000

Chicago Magazine

Awhile back, a study by the prominent sociologist Edward Glaeser claimed we were seeing the "end of the segregated century"; Glaeser emphasized the increasing diversity of Chicago, among other things. ..

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Twin Cities: TOD Plan on Lake Street Snags

Minneapolis Star Tribune

One of the best places for transit-oriented development in Minneapolis lies where the Hiawatha light-rail line crosses Lake Street bus routes and 4,000 riders board daily...

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San Francisco: Tech Boom Driving Up Rents

Wall Street Journal

The latest technology boom is helping to stem a decadelong exodus of residents from San Francisco, but the influx of well-paid workers is driving up already-high housing costs and straining public resources...

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Reseach: Role of Density in Sustainable Modes


In recent years, urban policies intended to reduce presumed negative externalities associated with suburbanization have focused on reducing auto travel by manipulating urban form to reduce trip frequencies and travel distances...

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Vancouver: New Plan to Build Affordable Housing

Vancouver Sun

Proposed sweeping changes include establishing a housing authority, land bank and financing agency to try and directly influence the housing construction market...

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Cleveland: Sprawl Costs the Regional Economy

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Northeast Ohioans are incurring greater and greater local tax burdens and costs per household as development sprawls farther and farther away from older cities into suburban hinterlands...

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International: Asia's Last Colonial Buildings

San Francisco Chronicle

In this photo taken on Nov. 5, 2011, Myanmar's old ministry office complex is seen in Yangon, Myanmar. There's nowhere else in Asia like it any more: Yangon's cityscape is filled with colonial buildings and colorful multiethnic communities, bypassed by the rapid modernization that's bulldozed the past elsewhere...

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International: Four Projects Would Create 25K Homes

Wall Street Journal

Some relief may be on the horizon for London's chronic housing shortage in the form of four master-planned developments that are moving slowly forward. The mixed-use projects are expected to create 25,000 new homes as well as stores and offices over the next decade...

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Portland: Interstate Neighborhood Taking Off

Daily Journal of Commerce

Sara King likes what she sees when she looks at neighborhoods around North Interstate Avenue, an area that she says is ready to "pop" with development...

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National: Awnings Losing Their Appeal?

New York Times

When Joseph Vance closed on his mid-19th-century wood-frame house in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, two summers ago, he knew exactly how he wanted to celebrate. But he did not reach for a bottle of Champagne or saunter off to a fancy restaurant...

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