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Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: Gas Tax Unable to Pay for Transpo Needs

USA Today

Transportation funding. Wait! Don't turn away. This is important - if you drive or ride in an automobile, if you commute by bus, rail or bicycle, or if your loved ones do. ..

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National: Innovative Investment Strategies

Rail Magazine

In our second edition of Digital RAIL, we consider new and innovative strategies to support passenger rail systems and projects...

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Research: Enterprising Twin Cities Transitways


In the Twin Cities metropolitan area, significant, long-range transit planning activities have been ongoing since the late 1990s . By 2030, the region is expected to have a network of fourteen transitways converging on the Minneapolis and St. Paul downtowns...

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Research: Enviro Sustainability into TOD


The term 'sustainability' is being used increasingly in policy debates about future transportation, and evokes strong reactions among policy-makers, users, and experts...

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National: Dems Applaud Boehner Backtrack on Bill

The Hill

After complaining about not having a hand in writing the $260 billion transportation bill that is retreated on by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure applauded the news Thursday that the speaker was scaling back the measure. ..

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Springfield: Trains, Buses, and Stores

Illinois Times

Just imagine. A one-stop transportation facility in downtown Springfield filled with the buzzing of incoming and outgoing travelers looking for the quickest and most efficient methods to reach their destination. ..

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Vancouver BC: Mayors Revolt on Translink

Vancouver Courier

At first, the issue raised by Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts seemed odd, even petty. TransLink, the billion-dollar regional transit authority, was surveying stakeholders to improve its communications strategy...

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Detroit: CEO Aims for Better Service

Detroit Free Press

The new CEO of Detroit's struggling bus system said Wednesday he's aiming to stabilize service by getting more buses on the street and making sure they reliably run on schedule...

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Denver: NW Suburbs Could Get Bus Instead of Train

Denver Post

Rapid transit to the northwest suburbs might actually come in the form of a bus system rather than a rail line as initially promised to voters nearly eight years ago...

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National: Fantasy Subway Announcements in Audio

New York Times City Room (via GC)

There was a time when subway announcements sounded like this: "Gxxrschhh krrtzzz ... Borough Hall ... pbbbftttz qmmm ... suspended ... haargggrm." It was hard to tell whose voice that was. Or even if it was human...

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Toronto: Ford Opens Door for Parking Tax for Subway

Toronto Star

For the first time since launching his subway crusade more than a year ago, Mayor Rob Ford has signaled he is willing to use modest taxation to pay for construction...

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Seattle: 'Living Streets' Aren't Just for Drivers

Daily Journal of Commerce

The fundamentals of street design have been evolving over the last few years, moving towards a multifunctional model that planners and designers are calling a "living street."...

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Norfolk: Light Rail for Hampton's Peninsula?

Daily Press

Could light rail be coming to the Peninsula? The topic was brought up at the Hampton Roads Transit governing board meeting Thursday, which took the first baby steps by discussing whether there should be a light rail feasibility study for the Peninsula....

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Dallas: Development Star of Rogoff Tour

Dallas Morning News

Transportation writer Michael Lindenberger, on this same Dallas Transportation blog, captured the essence of Federal Transit Administrator Michael Rogoff's ridearound on DART's new Green Line today. He lauded the transit agency for its aggressive growth and the community for capitalizing on it through redevelopment...

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San Francisco: Making City Housing Affordable

San Francisco Chronicle

Oscar Luna didn't want to leave the city where he'd spent the past 20 years, but after his wife gave birth to their second child a little over a year ago, the family outgrew the studio they rented in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood...

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International: Time is Right for Bus TOD

Australasian Bus and Coach

Land adjacent to the southern end of Brisbane's South East Busway is set to become an urban 'hotspot' with the first approved Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the area...

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Phoenix: Mesa Welcomes Downtown Urban Housing Plan

East Valley Tribune

The Metro light rail extension into downtown Mesa has helped spur several proposals for new urban housing developments on or near Main Street, involving several hundred apartments...

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Austin: Complete Street Planned for Airport Boulevard

KUT News

Airport Boulevard - or at least the bustling but non-scenic stretch of it from the Mueller development to its terminus at North Lamar - may look and function a whole lot differently in the future...

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