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News: LA Expo Train Riders, Atlanta Transpo Tax Debate, CAHSR Jobs Questioned, Reinventing Auto Cities, Urban Parks

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Los Angeles: Valley Commuters Using New Expo Line

Contra Costa Times

The dozen riders aboard the Expo Line train car early Wednesday morning used the quiet morning commute in different ways: fiddling with phones, playing video games, or reading a book...

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Atlanta: Forum Shows Divisions Over Transport Tax

Atlanta Journal Constitution

With just more than two weeks until metro Atlantans decide the outcome of a controversial transportation sales tax vote, backers and opponents of the $7.2 billion measure seem even more divided over how to fix Atlanta's traffic woes...

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Los Angeles: UCLA Study Raises HSR Jobs Questions

Los Angeles Times

A new UCLA economic analysis ofJapan'sShinkansen bullet train and its impact on the growth of cities along its route calls into question claims by state officials that California's high-speed rail project will create up to 400,000 permanent jobs...

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International: Auto Cities Trying To Reinvent Themselves

Detroit Free Press

Buy a new Volkswagen in northern Germany and you probably won't go to a dealership to pick it up. You visit a theme park called Autostadt in Volkswagen's hometown, where there are rides, dining, museums, celebrations of auto design and a final stop to pick up your car fresh from the city's factory...

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National: Hipsters Won't Save Us


Are 20-somethings with fixies and funny mustaches not America's true urban saviors? According to a few recent broadsides aimed at "creative class" urbanism, alas, they are not...

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National: More Urban Parks, Dedicated Spaces

New York Times

WHENEVER you doubt that the future can improve upon the past or that government can play a pivotal role in that, consider and revel in the extraordinary greening of New York...

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California: County Considers Radical Rescue Plan

New York Times

Browning lawns surround the otherwise neat houses in these once-sparkling developments where foreclosures have become more common than neighborhood cookouts...

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