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News: LA Sales Tax Campaign, India Court OKs BRT, Travel Time Research, Small Towns Thinking Big, Pittsburgh Apartment Boom,

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.  The Chatter, commentary and opposition articles will be found towards the bottom.

Los Angeles: Foes of Sales Tax Face Uphill Battle

Los Angeles Times

Measure J would extend the half-cent levy an extra 30 years, to 2069. Backers are an array of interests fueling their bid with money. The opposition is a relatively low-budget, grass-roots effort...

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International: Court Says Yes to BRT

Wall Street Journal

In January, an 84-year-old activist filed a lawsuit in the public interest asking an Indian court to scrap a road project in South Delhi that carved out separate space for buses, pedestrians and cyclists...

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Research: Differentiation of Travel Time in Transport

Environment and Planning

Recent years have seen increasing academic interest in transport and the concept of travel time. In particular, scholars have tried to open up travel time to alternative modes of understanding, taking it beyond its usual productivist associations with waste and useless idleness...

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National: When Brooklyn Moves to Vegas

New York Times Magazine (via @Ilana_at_SGA)

The mountain-lodge gathering felt like an annual shareholders' meeting, with department heads offering optimistic forecasts backed by charts, graphs and photos...

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National: Small Towns Think Big as They Redo Centers

USA Today

It's pronounced CAR-mel. Not car-MEL, like its more famous Northern California namesake. But after decades of being overshadowed by the other Carmel to the west and by big city Indianapolis less than 20 miles to the south..

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Denver: New Tech Startup Galvanizing Community

Denver Post

The transformation of a historic building into a digital-startup nucleus is galvanizing the Denver community, from civic leaders to young entrepreneurs to seasoned executives...

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Pittsburgh: Apartment Boom in Downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

These days, it seems, just about everybody wants to build apartments Downtown. Whether it's 101 new units planned at the former Saks site on Smithfield Street or 241 at the old Alcoa Building on Sixth Avenue or 100 at the John P. Robin Civic Building on Ross Street, developers seem to be buying and building like crazed Monopoly players...

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Cincinnati: Over the Rhine N'Hood Makes Comeback

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Let's raise a glass to Over-the-Rhine. It seems only appropriate. Not long ago, I met a group of fellow writers at a bar in Ohio's most historic German neighborhood, a 2-square-mile area once packed with immigrants...

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San Diego: Citizens Call for 1985 Growth Act Enforcement

San Diego Free Press

Members of San Diegans for Managed Growth (SDMG)and other organizations in calling on the Mayor, City Attorney and the City Council to enforce the initiative's requirement for voter approval of urban development in certain agriculturally zoned open space areas of the City referred to as "Proposition A Lands" in the City General Plan...

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Twin Cities: Shoring Up Central Corridor Businesses

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Chipped chests-of-drawers, dusty bowling trophies and used mattresses are crammed into Marty's Second Hand Store, a rickety institution on a boarded stretch of St. Paul's University Avenue where the Central Corridor light-rail line is taking shape...

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Research: Are Small Communities at Risk of Pop Loss?

Annals of Regional Science

Small communities almost universally worry about out-migration and the negative effects of out-migration on community viability...

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Research: The Disney Stigma of Urban Utopias

Environment and Planning

This paper examines the political implications of the practice of framing mega urban development projects with the language of 'utopia' or 'Disney'. Through a case study of Kazakhstan's new capital, Astana, I argue that the stigmatizing language of 'utopia' is a highly political bordering practice, defining the 'imaginary' and the 'real.'..

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Research: Role of Walking in Perceptual Memory

Urban Studies Journal

Experience is conceptualised in both academic and policy circles as a more-or-less direct effect of the design of the built environment. Drawing on findings from a research project that investigated people's everyday experiences of designed urban environments in two UK towns..

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