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News: Loving Buses, Bangkok TOD, Italy-France HSR, Denver TOD Affordable Housing, Tampa Growth, Urban Rivers

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: It's Time to Love the Bus


The Guardian hailed it as "a stately vehicle" that conveys "a sense of privilege." British car mag Autocar road-tested it and praised its "brilliant economy and an interior to die for."..

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International: Development Following Transit Expansion

Bangkok Post

The evolution of Bangkok's property market over the past two decades has closely tracked the development of rail mass transit, with a huge increase in condominium supply along BTS and MRT routes...

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International: Italy Going Ahead with French HSR Link

Washington Post

Italy's government is vowing to continue construction of a high-speed rail line linking the country to France despite violent protests. Premier Mario Monti's office announced the decision after a meeting Friday night following days of protests that have blocked highways in northwest Italy. ..

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Colorado: Group Wants Front Range Commuter Rail  


The future of transportation along Colorado's Front Range could look a lot like it did before the creation of multilane highways. Passenger trains would carry commuters and other travelers from Cheyenne, Wyo., Fort Collins and Loveland to Longmont, Boulder, Denver and other points south...

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Research: HSR in European Medium Sized Cities

Journal or Urban Planning and Development (Abstract) 

In order to evaluate the degree of local development that a High Speed Rail (HSR) link will bring to a city, it is essential to take into account the capacity of the stakeholders in the local community to organize themselves to take advantage of their endogenous resources...

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New York: How Many People Can Manhattan Hold?

New York Times (via @ryanavent)

IN a crowded place like Manhattan, there are moments when a certain question flits across people's minds...

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Portland: Largest Housing Project in City's History


Portland-based Langley Investment Properties is planning to build about 750 apartments in the heart of the Lloyd District...

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Denver: Osage Station Getting More Aff Housing

Denver Post

The Denver Housing Authority has started demolition for a major phase of redevelopment at the former South Lincoln Homes site, at West 10th Avenue and the Osage Street light rail station...

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Tampa: City's Growth Limited By Infrastructure

Tampa Tribune

The gateway to downtown Tampa overlooks a 40-acre urban renewal project and a vacant plot where a light-rail and high-speed rail station would have been built if voters, and then the governor, had not turned the projects down...

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National: IBM Takes "Smarter Cities" to Rio

New York Times (via Matthew Kahn)

NOT far from Copacabana Beach here is a control room that looks straight out of NASA. City employees in white jumpsuits work quietly in front of a giant wall of screens - a sort of virtual Rio, rendered in real time...

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Research: Urban Rivers Within Urban Ecology

Urban Ecosystems Journal

Rivers are important components of many urban systems, and research into urban rivers is increasing internationally, both in scope and intensity...

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