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News: Portland Bike Share, Illinois Infrastructure Crisis, Tampa Freight Rail Sharing, LA Rapid Bus Plans, Battery Powered Bus, Density & Environment

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Oregon: Bike Sharing Coming to Portland, for a Price

Transportation Nation

Portland's city council approved bike share - but funding it is largely the responsibility of hometown operator Alta. The one-year projected cost to set up and run the 750-bike, 75 station bike share program is $6.5 million dollars...

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Twin Cities: Golden Valley Holds Fate of LRT Line

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Golden Valley resident Robert Mattison knows that running the proposed Bottineau light-rail line through his hometown is the quickest route to connect Brooklyn Park with downtown Minneapolis. ..

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Chicago: Illinois' Infrastructure Crisis

Crain's Chicago Business

If Illinois' enormous pension costs trouble your sleep, the even bigger tab for fixing the state's infrastructure will keep you up all night...

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Tampa: Future Rail Idea to Share Track with Freight

Tampa Tribune

Tampa and Orlando began planning passenger rail systems 20 years ago to provide alternatives to bumper-to-bumper traffic and create economic development...

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National: Blumenauer Pushes for VMT Fee


U.S. Rep Earl Blumenauer wants to take Oregon's experiment with a tax on vehicles-miles traveled on the road nationally...

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Los Angeles: Rapid Bus Planned for Foothills

Contra Costa Times

The city council and planning commission plan to hold a joint public workshop meeting on Tuesday to discuss plans for a bus rapid transit system, or BRT, through Foothill Boulevard...

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Dallas: DART Gets TIFIA Loan for Airport Extension

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Area Rapid Transit was awarded on Thursday a $120 million loan from the federal government to fund the final stretch of the Orange Line to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport...

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National: GE Battery Powers Zero Emission Bus

Times Union

GE Global Research announced Thursday that it has been able to use one of its Durathon batteries made at its new battery plant in Schenectady to power a zero-emission bus...

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Minneapolis: The City's High Density Future

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minneapolis, the city of the single-family home on a tree-lined boulevard, sees its future in the apartment towers rising 20 stories above busy downtown streets...

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Research: City Energy Footprint via Land Use, Transport 

Journal of Urban Economics (Abstract)

Urban land use and transportation policies have dramatic effects on the density and spatial distribution of residences in large cities. Effects of these policies have been analyzed using numerical urban simulation models...

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Research: Are Compact Cities Environmentally Friendly?

Journal of Urban Economics (Abstract)

There is a wide consensus among international institutions and national governments in favor of compact (i.e. densely populated) cities as a way to improve the ecological performance of the transport system...

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Portland: Nike Must Choose Where HQ Expansion Will Go

Oregonian (via @donarambula)  

A "no vacancy" sign is hanging at Nike's headquarters campus. Business is booming and hiring continues at the world's largest sporting goods company. But division managers know that new hires will have to be shoehorned into tight space in one of the 18 buildings on the sprawling campus near Beaverton. ..

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South Florida: Region Set for a Rebound

South Florida Sun Sentinel

The collapse of the housing market beginning in 2006 hit Broward County like a tsunami. Broward's population even declined for a time as people sought economic opportunity elsewhere...

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International: Changing Santiago Chile's Skyline

Brisbane Times

The skyline of Chile's capital has been altered over the past year by a skyscraper -- the tallest in South America and one so towering it casts a shadow nearly two kilometers long...

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