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News: Potholes & Data, Vancouver LRT Tax, Induction Powered Tram, Bikes & Trains, Pittsburgh's Stop Loss, Data Vs. Ideology

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

National: Tapping 'Big Data' to Fill Potholes

Wall Street Journal

Entrepreneurs and investors are finding new ways to tap the predictive power of numbers, including ways to kill the traffic jam and other motorist scourges such as potholes...

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California: Sierra Club, NRDC Oppose CEQA Softening

LA Times

Two national environmental organizations have notified Gov. Jerry Brown that they strongly oppose his proposals to significantly diminish the ability of environmental lawsuits to stop or delay the California high speed rail project...

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Vancouver: Council Endorses Tax for Light Rail


The Vancouver City Council on Monday endorsed a sales tax increase to pay for light rail in Clark County, ending a fast-tracked search for funding options that ultimately ended right back where it started...

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International: Induction Powered Tram a Success

Railway Gazette International

Bombardier Transportation has successfully completed testing of its Primove catenary-free power system on a branch of the Augsburg tram network. ..

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National: Bikes and Trains Could Boom Together

Transportation Nation

In central Florida the car rules. A network of wide highways link sprawling cities. But now two machines which saw their heyday in Florida more than a century ago are making a comeback: the train and the bike...

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Pittsburgh: Panic Over Stop Closures

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

No one likes to lose their transit stop. But some of the commentary about the Port Authority's elimination of 13 stops on the T borders on hysteria. At a meeting in Castle Shannon on Monday, critics said the closing of the Martin Villa and Smith Road stops would pose a danger to riders...

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Portland: United Streetcar Months Behind Schedule


Portland's $148.3 million eastside streetcar line will open ceremoniously in September, but it's increasingly unlikely that the star of the show -- America's only domestically produced modern streetcar -- will be ready...

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Houston: County Fires Warning Shot Over Transit Money

Houston Chronicle

In its last two meetings, Harris County Commissioners Court has made it clear where it stands on the issue of "general mobility payments," that wonky-sounding river of cash the Metropolitan Transit Authority has been shoveling to local governments for road work that voters must soon decide whether to keep flowing...

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San Francisco: Agency Has Neglected Maintenance

SF Weekly

In early 2011, Dorian Maxwell decided he'd rather not set foot on a Muni bus. That's a decision thousands of fellow San Franciscans make every day - but in Maxwell's case, it loomed larger. He was a bus driver...

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International: Gated Community Neighbors Meet Online

Washington Post (via @blackurbanist)

Sumit Jain has fond memories of his childhood in a small town where everybody knew everybody. But as a young man, he moved to a big city for work and began living in an apartment building. Jain said he soon missed feeling connected to a community...

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International: Fans Fix Up Luke Skywalker's Home


To Luke Skywalker, it wasn't exactly home sweet home. As fans of "Star Wars" know well, young Skywalker longed to fly away from his home planet of Tattooine, where he worked with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Lars on the family moisture farm...

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Los Angeles: Expo Making South LA More Accessible

Intersections South LA

The Expo Line is Los Angeles' newest addition to its light rail and subway system. Following an old rail line, it runs from downtown's transit hub at 7th Street and currently ends at La Cienega and Jefferson. (The final stop of this phase of construction will be in Culver City, but that extension isn't finished yet.)..

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National: Don't Replace Data with Ideology


Argentina's government regularly publishes false data on the country's inflation rate. Greece lied about the size of its budget deficit. Believe it or not, the U.S. is headed down a path that could ultimately make similar shenanigans possible in the world's largest economy. ..

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