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News: Racial Gap In Commutes, Dallas Streetcar Routes, HART Testing BRT, Germany To London HSR

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Boston: Wide Racial Gap in Boston Commutes

Boston Globe

At the end of a recent community meeting on the state transportation system, a grandmotherly woman with a lyrical Caribbean accent strode up to the top transportation official in Massachusetts, dispensing with pleasantries...

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Dallas: Proposed Dallas Streetcar Routes

Dallas Morning News

In today's paper, I wrote about the first big public meeting to consider extensions for street car routes in downtown and Oak Cliff. Using material from DART, our artist, Troy Oxford, pulled together a very nice map comparing three possible alignments downtown...

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Tampa: HART Starts Testing Rapid Bus Routes

Tampa Tribune

People will begin to see some HART buses trimmed in green rather than blue on Tampa's streets as the transit system begins route tests of the Bus Rapid Transit service it will inaugurate in late spring...

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International: German HSR to London Delayed


European travellers will have to wait longer than expected for direct train connections from London to Frankfurt, German rail operator Deutsche Bahn said, citing delays to the delivery of new high-speed trains...

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International: 100 Years of Double Decker Trams

China Daily

Serving for over a century, trams run to its 100th anniversary in Hong Kong. With the largest fleet of double-decker cars in the world, Ding Dings keep offering cheap but remarkable trips amid the maddening, fast-paced city life. Manpreet Singh reports...

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Kenosha: Wisconsin Mulls Heritage Streetcar Extension 

Railway Age

Kenosha, Wis., is pondering expanding its heritage streetcar line, and has included $10.2 million for the proposal in a two-year capital improvement plan. But concerns about traffic congestion have surfaced, challenging the expansion effort...

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Fort Worth: TexRail Moving Forward

Fort Worth Star Telegram

The TEX Rail/Cotton Belt project is no longer just an obscure line on a map. It's a multibillion-dollar commuter rail project that is moving quickly toward construction -- and a line that, if planners can hurdle funding and other obstacles, could open for business as soon as 2016...

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Commentary: SF Architecture Opaque to New York Critics

San Francisco Chronicle

The latest display of the cultural gap between San Francisco and a certain East Coast metropolis comes courtesy of Sunday's New York Times...

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Milwaukee: Urban Turkeys Won't Fly the Coup

Journal Sentinel

Having made a dramatic comeback since the 1970s, Wisconsin's wild turkey population is now thriving in all 72 counties - including in metropolitan Milwaukee...

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National: Urban Grasshoppers Sing Louder

National Geographic

According to a new paper in Functional Ecology, males that dwell by busy roads boost the bass of their courtship songs to be heard above traffic...

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Hawaii: First TOD Plan in Waipahu

Honolulu Civil Beat

We've heard a lot about transit-oriented development, aka TOD, or development along the Honolulu rail line. It's been talked about for years and now Honolulu finally has an example of what it would look like...

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Dallas: Rowlett Officials Hope Rail Benefits Downtown

Dallas Morning News

When Dallas Area Rapid Transit next Monday delivers the light rail in which Rowlett has invested three decades, the city hopes the byproducts include mixed-use development and a redefined downtown...

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