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News: Transport Investment Return, Bike Traffic Signals, Dallas LRT Expansion, LA Downtown Streetcar OK, Cities & Millennials

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Twin Cities: Transport Investment Could Return $10B

Eden Prarie Patch

A study commissioned by the Itasca Project examined the return on investment for fully funding the regional transportation plan-which includes roads, buses and two more light rail lines by 2030...

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National: Bike Signals Popping Up All Over US

USA Today (via @streetsblogSF)

Drivers in bike-friendly cities may be doing double takes, as bicycle-specific traffic signals pop up alongside the traditional round red, yellow and green signals controlling intersections...

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National: US Will Be Hotspot for Infrastructure


As asset management firms like BlackRock Inc and Allianz Global Investors introduce global infrastructure debt investments in Europe, they are eyeing other markets...

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San Francisco: Muni Could Build North Beach Station

San Francisco Chronicle

Muni's boss has a plan to silence the vocal opposition in North Beach to the Central Subway construction project - he wants to take a major step toward extending the line from Chinatown into North Beach itself...

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Dallas: Three New Stations Open

Dallas Morning News

Expansion of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system could be seen Monday in the form of three new rail stations and in higher user fees to board buses and trains...

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National: Commenting on Shuster's First Moves

National Journal Experts Blog

Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., will be the next chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and he is a good choice for House Republicans. He is firmly in the conservative fiscal camp and unafraid to say so...

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Los Angeles: Voters Approve Downtown Streetcar

LA Downtown News

The effort to create a $125 million Downtown streetcar took a major step forward today, as local residents voted in favor of a plan to tax area property owners up to $85 million to fund the project...

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National: American Cities to Millennials - Don't Leave

USA Today

The hot pursuit of young professionals has been at the core of American cities' urban revival for more than a decade. It worked. They came, they played, they stayed...

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International: Calthorpe - Rethinking China's Cities


AS china modernizes its agricultural sector over the next 25 years, the number of its farmers will shrink dramatically. And many of those workers will move to cities...

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DC: J Edgar Hoover FBI Building Set for Redevelopment

Wall Street Journal

The imposing Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in downtown Washington could be headed for a makeover. The General Services Administration said Monday it is seeking proposals for a new consolidated FBI headquarters somewhere else in the Washington metropolitan area, and would be willing to exchange its current headquarters as part of the deal...

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International: Green Energy Changes Industrial Hamburg


It was late morning when I stepped out of my hotel lobby and into the jostle of Kirchenallee Street in Hamburg's city center. I checked my watch, jotted down the time in my notebook and set out for the nearest subway station (U-Bahn in German)...

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International: Wellbeing Should Be Focus of Future Cities

Guardian UK

Portrayals of future cities often show grim, dark and inward-looking environments. It's time to design urban villages that incorporate better spaces..

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New York: Hudson Yards to Break Ground

New York Daily News

On Tuesday, city officials and developers will break ground on Hudson Yards, a $15 billion 15-structure mini-city on Manhattan's West Side that will create more office space than exists in Portland, Ore...

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Twin Cities: Building is Booming with $1B in Projects

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Fueled by urban-loving millennials and baby boomers downsizing their households, more than $1 billion of construction projects have been approved in Minneapolis...

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