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News: Virginia Beach Light Rail Vote, NC LRT Sales Tax Passes, Houston Guts Transit Tax, Columbia Crossing Defeat

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.

Virginia Beach: LRT Support Measure Likely to Pass

Virginian Pilot

Light-rail supporters wanted a decisive approval of a referendum they hoped would spur the city to bring The Tide here...

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North Carolina: Orange County Passes LRT Ballot  

WCHL Chappel Hill

On Election Night, the controversial half-cent transit sales tax easily won the vote in Orange County-but while all of Orange County's urban precincts voted for the referendum, all of its rural precincts voted against it...

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Houston: Voters Officially Gut Transit Sales Tax

Houston Chronicle

A referendum authorizing the Metropolitan Transit Authority to continue diverting part of its sales tax revenues for road projects passed by a wide margin Tuesday...

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Vancouver: Voters Kill BRT/LRT Operating Funds


Voters soundly rejected a sales tax increase to help pay for light rail Tuesday, delivering a possible setback to the Columbia River Crossing...

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Honolulu: Mayors Race to Caldwell, Rail Supporter

Honolulu Star Advertiser

Former city Managing Director Kirk Caldwell won the hotly contested race for Honolulu mayor, defeating former Gov. Ben Cayetano in a contest widely seen as a referendum on rail...

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San Diego: Proposal Would Reroute HSR in Escondido

San Diego Union Tribune

State high-speed rail officials recently proposed moving a station planned for Escondido closer to Valley Parkway and routing the trains through the city closer to Interstate 15...

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National: Americans Vote on Transit Resolutions

International Railway Journal

AS Americans head to the polls to vote for either President Barack Obama or his Republican challenger Mr Mitt Romney in today's presidential election, voters will also be asked in 12 states whether they approve resolutions and tax increases that could provide up to $US 100bn in direct funding for 19 transit projects. ..

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International: Lift Off for Urban Gondola Projects

Guardian UK

We tend to associate cable cars with mountains and skiing, rather than urban life and work, but they are gradually taking root in our cities. Just before this summer's Olympics, London launched the Emirates Air Line...

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Vancouver WA: More LRT Parking in a Saturated Market

Columbian (via Joe C)

Its parking program already in flux, the city of Vancouver is preparing for what could be the biggest curve ball yet: the Columbia River Crossing...

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Anaheim: City Moving Forward with Streetcars

Los Angeles Times

Anaheim is moving forward with a 3.2-mile trolley car system connecting the city's resorts, stadiums, convention center and regional transit center. But the mayor is concerned about cost...

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International: China's Golden Decade Brings Rural Relief

Guardian UK

Until a few months ago, 10-year-old Zhao Ai went hungry from dawn to dusk, despite the two-hour trek between his mountain home and school. Now he enjoys a free lunch with classmates...

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