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News: Virginia Beach LRT Financing, Factions In Detroit Coalition, Tampa LRT Vote Considered, Vancouver Subway Vision

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.  The Chatter, commentary and opposition articles will be found towards the bottom.

Norfolk: VA Beach Council to Pursue LRT Financing

Virginian Pilot

The City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday stating it will pursue light-rail financing and development options. About 62 percent of voters approved a referendum earlier this month that showed support for extending Norfolk's light rail system, The Tide, into the city...

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Michigan: Regional Transit Authority Factions Splitting

Ann Arbor . com

Millions of federal funds for a Detroit street car line could be in jeopardy as a coalition of Southeast Michigan lawmakers working to create a regional transit authority are separating into factions, according to a Detroit News report...

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Maryland: Highways or Transit for Fort Meade?

Transportation Nation

Planners are looking for ways to improve the commute for the more than 56,000 people currently working at Fort Meade in central Maryland...

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Des Moines: 10 Transportation Projects in Region

Des Moines Register

A business-friendly spate of Des Moines transportation projects now under way is a prelude to billions of dollars worth of projects planned over the next several decades...

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Dallas: TXDOT to Reveal Freeway Options, Tear Down?

Dallas Morning News

Yesterday a friend of the show sent word of a public hearing scheduled for December 11 concerning the fate of IH-345, otherwise known as the elevated stretch of N. Central Expressway separating downtown from Deep Ellum and East Dallas...

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Vancouver: Direct Line to UBC Wanted

Globe and Mail

UBC is urging the city to advocate for a rapid-transit line all the way out to the university right away. Officials say the two-phase system for the Broadway line, which Mayor Gregor Robertson has been pitching, is not workable for them...

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Tampa: Hillsborough Planners Consider LRT Again

Tampa Tribune

Two years ago, Hillsborough County voters were asked to approve a sales tax increase that would have brought the first light rail to the Tampa area. The referendum failed miserably...

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International: Indentifying Clusters on London's Roads

Guardian UK

Urban transport systems are the combination of a massive mix of activities. As thousands or millions of individuals undertake journeys from A to B, patterns emerge that are indicative of the types of activity being undertaking. ..

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Norman: City Making Strides for Cyclists

Norman Transcript

Norman residents spoke, and Norman City Council members are listening. People who responded to the recent transportation survey said nearly $10 of every $100 transportation dollars spent should be used to pay for bike paths and bike lanes...

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Durham: 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Starts in April

News and Observer

Durham voters approved a referendum last year calling for the tax increase for new and improved transit, including a light rail line between Durham and Chapel Hill, but commissioners decided to wait to levy the tax until a neighboring county was on board as well...

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Vancouver BC: City Unveils $2.8B Subway Vision

Vancouver Sun

The City of Vancouver laid out its case this week for a $2.8-billion rapid-transit line that would run underground along the Broadway corridor, arguing that despite the hefty price tag, a subway is more efficient and less disruptive than streetcar service...

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Dallas: Clock Ticking on Innovative Cotton Belt Corridor

Dallas Morning News

A new urgency surrounds a plan to build the $2 billion Cotton Belt Corridor commuter rail project, in part because the effort hinges on the Legislature's creation of a special district next year to help govern the project...

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Charlotte: City to Try Again to Fund Streetcar

Charlotte Observer

For the third time this fall, the Charlotte City Council will try Monday to reach consensus on how to pay for a streetcar extension - the main roadblock to passing a capital budget...

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Bay Area: Value of Sewer Plant to Transit Hub

Marin Independent Journal

The value of a 10-acre parcel in Larkspur that once was the site of a wastewater treatment plant could increase significantly due to plans in the works to make the land and surrounding area a regional transit hub...

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Research: Transit Agency Strategies for Mixed Use


Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a mixed-use residential or commercial area designed to maximize access to public transportation that often incorporates features to encourage transit ridership. Varied interests must be represented to implement TOD...

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Austin: City's Issues with At Large Voting

n +1 Magazine (via Next American City) 

The first time I covered a meeting of the Austin City Council, as a reporter in 2009, its demographics struck me as quaintly appropriate for a liberal, progressive oasis in the heart of Texas...

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National: Wild Life of American Cities

New York Times

One of America's hottest cities and one of its coldest may have more in common than you would guess. In places like Phoenix and Minneapolis, scientists think that cities are starting to look alike in ways that have nothing to do with the proliferation of Starbucks, WalMart or T.G.I Fridays...

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International: Restoring Urban India's Ecosystem

Public Radio International's The World

For our Geo Quiz today we're in search of a major river in Asia. It forms in the high glaciers of the Himalayas before flowing more than 800 miles across northern India. Along the way it becomes the largest tributary of the legendary Ganges River...

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Atlanta: Regulatory Breaks Allow Better Projects

New York Times

When the real estate investment manager Jamestown Properties began renovating a massive old Sears warehouse in Atlanta last year, it had a good idea of what it wanted to create: a bustling urban hub with 440,000 square feet of offices, 330,000 square feet of shops and 259 residential units. ..

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San Francisco: City A Model for Affordable Housing

San Francisco Chronicle

Nearly 50 years of protests, lawsuits and ballot battles over low-income housing have made San Francisco a nationwide model for efforts to keep urban America from becoming home to only the very rich or the very poor, according to a paper that will be released Wednesday...

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