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Blogoshere: Silicon Valley Shuttles, Underestimating Historic Congestion, Amtrak Station Ridership, Sacramento Sprawl Fight

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Blogosphere: Ripping Silicon Shuttles Won't Solve Prob

SF Streetsblog

The corporate shuttles that whisk tech workers from the highly-valued urban habitat of San Francisco down to the burgeoning suburban campus job centers of Silicon Valley are the newest additions to San Francisco's streets...

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Blogosphere: Amtrak Stations Mapped by Ridership

Greater Greater Washington

It's common knowledge that the Northeast Corridor is Amtrak's best line, but the northeast is not the only place in the US where a lot of people ride intercity trains...

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Blogosphere: Few Safeguards Against Revolving Door

DC Streetsblog

Last week we looked at three state DOTs which are currently led by former lobbyists for the asphalt or energy industries...

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Blogosphere: TTI Underestimate Historic Congestion?


To read the Texas Transportation Institute's Urban Mobility Report is to believe congestion has more than doubled since 1982 (really between 1982 and 2000)...

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Blogosphere: Revamping the Riverfront in Buena Vista

Global Site Plans

As more and more people aim to get out and get active, revamping public space is key. Parks and other planned open spaces for the public are becoming the hot spots for activity...

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Blogosphere: Germany's Ann Arbor Dilemma

Burgh Diaspora

I'm fond of saying, "You go where you know." It's a catch phrase that conveys an important migration concept and fleshes out rational choice theory, "Move to improve."..

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Blogosphere: What Will Happen to Budapest Ruin Pubs?

The Atlantic Cities

The two-story building at 14 Kazinczy Utca isn't much to look at. Some of its windows have been boarded up and a thick layer of dirt and grime has settled into the crumbling facade...

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Blogosphere: Richard III Under a Parking Lot

The Atlantic Cities

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester must have considered themselves lucky to have only a lowly parking lot standing in the way of their digging for a long-lost monastery believed to have hidden the bones of King Richard III for more than 500 years...

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Blogosphere: Is Sprawl Going to Win Again?

Planetizen (@sfcityscape)

As we reported last week, the central question facing the Board of Supervisors was how could they approve a project that appeared to violate a regional sustainability plan - one that they voted for as MPO members? They did - by a 4-1 vote...

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Blogosphere: Time in the City


We sometimes think of the city as a collection of objects in space that exist for the purpose of reducing the costs of human interaction. The city is also a collection of objects in time...

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Blogosphere: Bright Light Intervention in Athens

Pop Up City

Walking through the dark alleys of Psirri, a part of the Athens' city centre that has a strong identity and contradictive reputation, you will discover Pittaki street...

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Blogosphere: Gambling to Plug Budgets

Next American City

It used to be that casinos made a destination out of a rare few cities: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno. That is changing as states and cities grow hungry for new sources of revenue to plug budget holes...

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Blogosphere: The Emergency of Urban Slums

Urban Times

Slums in cities are growing globally. With more than half of the world's populace now located in urban areas, urban slums are emerging as the place for the underprivileged to live..

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