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Blogoshpere: SF Bike Plan, Mica's Amtrak Grudge, LaHood Exit Interview, TIFIA Funds New Roads, Conservatives & Smart Growth, City Valentines

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Blogosphere: Mayor Fails to Back SF Bike Strategy

Streetsblog SF

Mayor Ed Lee has made it clear that he has no plans to take leadership on funding San Francisco's vision for making bicycling a mainstream mode of transportation...

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Blogosphere: Mica Won't Let Amtrak Grudge Die

Streetsblog DC

Rep. John Mica (R-FL) no longer chairs the House Transportation Committee, but that doesn't mean he's eased up on his crusade against Amtrak...

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Blogosphere: The Ray LaHood Exit Interview

Streetsblog DC

I had the chance to sit down with Ray LaHood yesterday morning before he spoke to the U.S. High-Speed Rail Association...

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Blogosphere: TIFIA Funds Skewed Towards New Roads

Transport Politic

Thanks to last year's transportation authorization legislation and a lack of applications from transit authorities, aid from the TIFIA program is likely to be heavily biased towards roads projects...

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Blogosphere: Google's Driverless Car Become Reality?


Chunka has posted his fourth installment in the Google driverless car story and as a critic of his first couple of pieces I feel obliged to review...

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Blogosphere: Infrastructure, What Would Nature Do?


We humans are problem solvers. We're doers. We encounter challenges and complicated situations and we find ways to surmount them-crafting tools, erecting bridges, programming computers. ..

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Blogosphere: Stronger Regional Governance in Bay  

Silicon Valley Index

Much of what makes Silicon Valley and the overall nine-county Bay Area a great place to live and work is the result of regional decisions. Over half a century ago, leaders in the Bay Area looked to the future and made choices involving tradeoffs and sacrifices...

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Blogosphere: Should Conservatives want Smart Growth?

California Planning and Development Report

As this blog has reported, the standard conservative critique of smart growth and "good" planning sometimes doesn't seem very logical...

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Blogosphere: City Valentines

CEOs for Cities

If cities gave out Valentines, what would they say? We took a quick stab at it-- so you can share or give them to the thought leaders and city advocates in your life! What would your City Valentine say?..

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Blogosphere: Affordable, Family, Transit Friendly Housing

Seattle Transit Blog

Debates about how we ought to design our communities often get lost in the weeds fairly quickly: "build this! don't build that! more density! less density! streetcars! none of the above! all of the above!"..

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Blogosphere: What to Consider When Moving to New City

Urban Times

With the tumultuous economy and changing job market, more people are relocating to new cities. Whether for a new job, a family decision or just to explore a new city, consumers need specific information to determine where to move and to predict how this move will affect them...

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