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Blogosphere: AASHTO Bike Regs Challenged, LA Transport History, Ode To NY DIY Seating, Protecting Pedestrians, Lincoln Revitalization

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Commentary: We Found Our Son on the Subway

New York Times Opinionator

The story of how Danny and I were married last July in a Manhattan courtroom, with our son, Kevin, beside us, began 12 years earlier, in a dark, damp subway station...

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Blogosphere: King County Has Chance to Raise Money


The King County Council could find its ability boosted to increase vehicle-related taxes without a public ballot under a bill introduced this week in the Washington Senate...

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Blogosphere: Do We Need Southwest Boulevard at All?

Greater Greater Washington 

A study is underway to replace the closed piece of the Southeast Freeway between the 11th Street bridges and Barney Circle with a new road. But is a new road even the best use of the space at all?..

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Blogosphere: Why a Bike Tax Might Not be Pointless

The Atlantic Cities

Last week Democrats in the Washington state legislature introduced a $10 billion transportation package with a number of revenue elements...

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Blogosphere: US DOT Challenges AASHTO Bike Regs

DC Streetsblog

For years, the federal government has adopted roadway guidelines that fall far short of what's needed - and what's possible - to protect cyclists and pedestrians...

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Blogosphere: All of LA Transport History in One Place

Metro Library Primary Resources

We are proud to present two new historical resources for public consumption: a comprehensive, interactive timeline for Los Angeles transportation agencies dating back to 1874..

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Blogosphere: Red Line Study Reveals Route Alternatives

Urban Indy

The Indy Connect Red Line, which is now under alternatives analysis, has broken radio silence and as of this week have a few potential route alignments available for public discussion...

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Blogosphere: TOD Plans for San Francisco Railyards

Half Mile Circles

A memo outlining transit-oriented development opportunities surrounding the downtown San Francisco railyards at 4th and King streets has been added to the Resource Center best practices database...

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Blogosphere: Developers to Reshape Empty Lots

LA Streetsblog

Developer, Metro representatives came out Tuesday for an open house at the Boyle Heights Technology and Youth Center to update the community on Metro-owned lots in Boyle Heights...

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Blogosphere: Yahoo's Coworking Compromise

Next City

Yahoo's decision to revoke its employees' right to work from home has enraged urbanists and feminists alike...

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Blogosphere: Ode to New York's Glorious DIY Seating

The Atlantic Cities

When I came back to New York in 1999 after an absence of several years, I pulled up in a moving van in front of my new apartment building in Astoria, Queens, and was immediately greeted by one of the things I had missed most about my hometown...

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Blogosphere: Bollards Needed to Protect Pedestrians

Urban Review St. Louis

I'm used to building entrances being oriented to auto driveways, such is the case at the Omni Majestic Hotel at 1019 Pine St...

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Blogosphere: Battle for Building Intensification

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting report, "Reinventing Midtown," on the NYC Office of Planning's work on rezoning the area around Grand Central Station, to allow for taller buildings..

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Blogosphere: Ice Age Aerial

Bldg Blog

One of many things I was excited to discover while working on the British Exploratory Land Archive project, and while getting ready for tonight's lecture at the Architectural Association, is the "Scotland's Landscapes" collection of aerial archaeology photographs...

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Blogosphere: Turning LA Into Climate Change Lab

Atlantic Cities

Southern California's Mount Wilson is a lonesome, hostile peak - prone to sudden rock falls, sometimes ringed by wildfire - that nevertheless has attracted some of the greatest minds in modern science...

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Blogosphere: Can Building Solve Dubai Housing Crisis

Atlantic Cities

An indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert. The world's only seven-star hotel. In the Persian Gulf, reclaimed land in the shape of a palm, with luxury villas on the fronds...

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Blogosphere: Barber Shops More Than Hair

Rooflines Blog

Last year when I was walking my neighborhood, flyering for the Tale of Two Cities march and feeling out of place as writer trying to be an organizer (in other words, I was feeling shy that day and daunted by starting conversations on the street), I had a brief respite from the awkwardness when I ducked into a newish barbershop...

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Blogosphere: Innovation in Lincoln Revitalization

Global Site Plans

Downtown Lincoln, Nebraska has always been the economic and social center of the city; the Haymarket area being the heart of this downtown area...

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Blogosphere: Next NYC Mayor Follow Urban Plan Legacy


Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration has reshaped the New York cityscape in unprecedented ways. After his third and final term draws to a close, will the work go on?..

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Blogosphere: When Kids Excercise, Grades Rise

Health Daily

One key to better grades in the classroom may lie in the gym or on the playground, a new study finds...

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Blogosphere: Climate Adaptation, Places vs People

Environmental and Urban Economics

Since people and cattle can migrate, if climate change causes increased drought risk and this injures Plainview Texas, then activity will migrate away to a safer, higher quality of life place...

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Blogosphere: Can Cities Adapt/Renew at the Same Time?


Can cities with decades, hundreds, or even thousands of years of history adapt to economic, population, and climate change? Can they renew themselves in the process?..

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Blogosphere: Right Sizing Parks Stewardship

City Parks Blog

The Central Park Conservancy manages 843 acres. Prospect Park Alliance partners with the city to oversee 585 acres. And the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy stewards over 1,700 acres with its parks department...

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Blogosphere: The New Redlining in Northeast Ohio


I know people from all over the country salivate at the price of real estate in places like Cleveland and Detroit. And it's true you can own a incredible home for next to nothing-but you'd better have cash...

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Blogosphere: Bloomberg Magazine Cover Takes Flak

Slate Moneybox

Bloomberg Businessweek is a genuinely great magazine that does an amazing job of making business and economics news accessible and interesting, but this way of illustrating a cover story about the return of aggressive mortgage lending products is really something else...

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Blogosphere: Sprawl Madness, 7 Miles to a Backyard

DC Streetsblog

Just how absurd have American development patterns become over the past few decades?..

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Blogosphere: Visualizing a Walkable City

The Polis Blog

The city of Pontevedra in northwest Spain has become a leader in walker-friendly urban policy over the past 15 years...

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