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Blogosphere: Bikes & Business, Urban Mobility Report Critique, Long Distance Commutes, Dirty Urbanization Truth, Boston Giant Farm

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Blogosphere: Biz Impact of Bikes Dominates Meeting


'Bikes mean business' is the official theme of this year's National Bike Summit; but that idea hardly needs any help in being put front and center...

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Blogosphere: New Volvo Tech Keeps Cyclists Safe


Those outside-the-car airbags are pretty sweet, but what if we could make cars automatically stop before they, you know, hit people?..

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Blogosphere: Critiquing the "Urban Mobility Report"


One of a planner's main jobs is to produce objective technical analysis. We assemble and organize data so the facts can speak for themselves. However, behind most technical reports is a dramatic story...

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Blogosphere: 8 Reasons People Give Up on Transit

Metro The Source

In the latest news from the Ivory Tower, researchers at UC Berkeley have published a list of the eight things that are most likely to tick off transit riders to the point where they'll give up on transit...

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Blogosphere: Long Distance Commuting Hits a Wall

DC Streetsblog

The new Census data on commuting in America contains a fair amount of information but little reason to celebrate. The big takeaway is that almost four in five American workers commuted alone by car in 2011...

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Blogosphere: What's Driving Privitization of Transit

California Watch (via @humantransit)

As more cities turn to private companies to run public transit systems, our recent investigation shows that privatization may not be the silver bullet that cash-strapped municipalities were hoping for...

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Blogosphere: Rural Life, Invisible


Rural places can feel like they go on forever, without physical borders. It may take an hour or longer to drive across one rural county. Along the way you'll see scattered houses, farms and the occasional business...

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Blogosphere: What if World Lived in 1 City?

The Atlantic Cities

It's difficult to think about global urbanization at the scale of individual cities...

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Blogosphere: Is End of Street Art Coming?

Urban Times

When a Banksy mural was ripped from the wall of a Poundland in Haringey to be auctioned off in a Miami showroom, the artwork received a campaign of endorsement from a seemingly unlikely ally in the form of Haringey Council...

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Blogosphere: Dirty Truth About Urbanization in Milan

Global Site Plans

What happens when we run out of farmland, green recreation space, and forests that inhale carbon dioxide?..

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Blogosphere: Working With Nature

Metropolis Magazine

In the early morning light of a photograph taken by Alan Ward in the summer of 2010, a canopy of cedar elms hovers over a pavilion, a swimming pool, and gently graded lawn terraces...

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Blogosphere: Commercial Corridor Zoning Bill Amended

Plan Philly

City Council voted to amend a bill introduced last fall by Councilman Brian O'Neill that would change how some uses are restricted in neighborhood commercial corridors...

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Blogosphere: Solar Power on Every House in Lancaster


With year-round high temperatures and less than two inches of rain on average a month, the desert town of Lancaster, Calif., just north of Los Angeles, seems like a great place for solar...

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Blogosphere: Can San Antonio Displace Austin Tech Hub

Atlantic Cities

Austin-home to the South by Southwest tech and music festivals, the headquarters for Dell, and an indeterminate number of hipsters--is generally considered the technology hub in Texas...

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Blogosphere: How Boston Fit Giant Farm in City

Atlantic Cities

The aptly-named Higher Ground Farm will open this spring on the roof of the Boston Design Center...

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Blogosphere: Do Cities Really Want Economic Dev


Ask any civic leader the number one thing they want for their town and "jobs," economic development, is what they will likely tell you...

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Blogosphere: From Today to TOD - Retail

Vibrant Bay Area

In a pair of recent posts (here and here), I wrote about the difficulties of integrating transit-oriented development (TOD) into communities that have a drivable suburbia slant...

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Blogosphere: Can We Stop Putting Trees on Skyscrapers

Per Square Mile

Just a couple of years ago, if you wanted to make something look trendier, you put a bird on it. Birds were everywhere...

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Blogosphere: National Land Developability Index

The Transportationist

Land developability is a measure of land availability for future conversion and development in a geographic entity, such as a state, a county, a city, a census tract, or other geographically aggregated units...

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Blogosphere: The Future of Water in California


For more than a century, water supply and management has been one of the most enduring and complex policy issues in California...

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