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Blogosphere: CA Transpo Funding, Mass Transit Parking Tax, America Fast Forward, Seattle Full-Time BAT Lane, Cities & Climate Change, Story of Appsterdam

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Commentary: Failure for Transport, Environment

Virginian Pilot

As a nation, we decided decades ago that veterans are owed a college education. After World War II, lawmakers voted to encourage that education by paying for it, through the G.I. Bill. That national sentiment went through several iterations, including the most recent one, passed at the behest of Sen. Jim Webb in 2008...

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Blogosphere: Complicated CA Transpo Funding Chart

The Source

With Gov. Jerry Brown releasing his state budget proposal on Thursday, I thought it would be a good time to post this chart without any commentary. Okay, some commentary....Holy Guacamole, that's insane!..

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Blogosphere: Will Mass Tax Parking for Transit?

Streetsblog DC

Here's a transportation funding idea that aligns incentives nicely: taxing parking lots to pay for transit. That's what one former high-ranking state official is proposing for Massachusetts, ahead of a big announcement by the state Department of Transportation...

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Blogosphere: Let's Take Down Another SF Freeway

Streetsblog SF

The idea of removing the northern section of Highway 280 near Mission Bay is gaining more traction as planners look for ideal ways to usher in high-speed rail and transit-oriented development in the city's core...

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Commentary: Rainey Street a Walking Ped Accident

Austin American Statesman

In July of 2011, we described the summer street scene on Rainey Street: "It's a couple of hours before sundown, but already the precious parking spaces on both sides of Rainey Street have been claimed...

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Blogosphere: Trying to Expand America Fast Forward

The Source

It was a huge victory last year when Congress approved part of Metro's America Fast Forward program in the latest federal transportation spending bill...

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Blogosphere: Full Time BAT Lanes in the Works

Seattle Transit Blog

The Seattle Department of Transportation is moving forward with the previously-mentioned rechannelization of two blocks of Broad Street in Belltown, between 1st and 3rd Avenues. ..

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Blogosphere: How Cities are Adapting to Climate Change

Think Progress (via @Bruce_Katz) 

A new report by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives highlights twenty local government across the country that are taking the initiative to combat global warming...

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Blogosphere: More on Detroit Future City


Last week the Detroit Works Project released their long awaited strategic plan for the city. This is the one led by Toni Griffin that produced a lot of public controversy because of suggestions it would result in the planned shrinkage or decommissioning (or even forced residential relocations) in sparsely populated neighborhoods. ..

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Blogosphere: The Natural Soundscapes of Cities

The Nature of Cities

In recent presentations about green cities and green urbanism I often play for audiences several common natural sounds, to see whether they recognize what they are hearing...

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Blogosphere: Keeping a Growing Austin Weird & Green


A few months ago, an Austin writer took to the pages of the New York Times to fret about the fate of his city. Austin, it seems, is getting too big for its famously weird britches...

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Blogosphere: Planning Phrases That Jumped the Shark

NRDC Switchboard

People who know me understand that I get a little obsessed with language. I still use the subjunctive mood (something most people have never heard of); think "loan" and "impact" are nouns, not verbs; and believe "data" and media" are plural. ..

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Blogosphere: John Schneider and The Cinci Process

Urban Cincy

When millions of fresh eyes recently trained on our city, Great American Ball Park (GABP) bore no scars from its labored birth which required a divisive election, moving an interstate highway, and seven years from the evening it was sketched-out on a restaurant placemat until the first pitch was thrown...

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Blogosphere: The Story of Appsterdam

Urban Times

When the best areas of cities known to be creative and somewhat leading in a specific discipline start to disappear, Interpol HQ seems to have been mystified. Berlin, Taipei, Shanghai, Paris, Austin, London, Munich, Vancouver and many more cities are missing key areas, they lack their specific charme...

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Blogosphere: Reduced Crime, If the Poor Stay

Metro Trends Blog

In my last blog post, I wrote about how much we may be able to learn about effective crime prevention by comparing experiences across cities. The following week, I had a fascinating exchange with Richard Florida, editor at large at The Atlantic Cities (a MetroTrends partner site), about which elements of city life are most important in preventing crime...

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Blogosphere: Revitalization of Austin's Waller Creek

Global Site Plans

Waller Creek is an urban riparian ecosystem that meanders for seven miles from the northern part of Austin, TX, southward through The University of Texas campus and along the eastern edge of the downtown area before it meets Lady Bird Lake (part of the Colorado River)...

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