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Blogosphere: Chicago BRT Jobs Advantage, Next Secretary Of Transportation, Urban American Dreams, STL Public Housing

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Blogosphere: Revolving Door, Asphalt Lobby/DOT Head

DC Streetsblog

Like Jerry Wray, Oklahoma DOT Director Gary Ridley has split his career between public office and lobbying on behalf of the asphalt industry. He started out in the mid-1960s, working as an equipment officer for the DOT...

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Blogosphere: BRT Advantage in Creating Jobs

Chicago Streetsblog

This morning at Freedman Seating, a Humboldt Park-based company that will be making seats for hundreds of new CTA buses, Mayor Rahm Emanuel argued that better public transportation can give a shot in the arm to the local economy...

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Blogosphere: The Color of London's Commute

Drawing Rings Around the World

Today saw the release of detailed Census data on, among other things, the mode of transport those in work use to get to work...

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Blogosphere: How Will Next Secretary Build On Legacy

DC Streetsblog

He strung it out long enough, but Ray LaHood has finally announced that he's resigning as Transportation Secretary. Speculation has been rampant for months about who could replace him, and now it kicks into high gear...

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Blogosphere: BBC Brings You Planning in Reality Show

Next American City

Remember when Stephen Colbert, while parodying the pro-gun contingent's use of violent video games as a scapegoat for mass shootings, took a tangential jab at the planning profession?..

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Blogosphere: American Dream Can Be Urban Dream Too

Greater Greater Washington

The classic image of the "American Dream" is, for many, a house with a big yard, 2 cars, and so on. Is that image still relevant, even as many people choose to live in walkable urban neighborhoods?..

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Blogosphere: Gentrification of Franklin Avenue

Urban Omnibus

When Ruth Glass, an urban sociologist at University College London in the 1950s and 1960s, first coined the term "gentrification" in 1964, she was investigating the links between housing and class struggle in post-war London...

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Blogosphere: Charlotte Improves Streets for Cyclists

Plan Charlotte

While cities such as Memphis have gained national attention for proclaiming a bicycle-friendly goal, Charlotte has been quietly taking a number of steps to improve its own streets for cyclists...

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Blogosphere: Kengo Kuma on Scale and Pattern

Trace SF

Kengo Kuma splits his time between professional practice and academia. He began his practice in the early 90's with a small office in Tokyo; his practice is now over 150 employees with offices in Tokyo and Paris, and projects in Europe, the US, and China...

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Blogosphere: Governments Prepare for Aging Population


If state and local governments are going to meet the needs of the nation's rapidly aging population, they must start preparing now. The Census Bureau counted 40.3 million Americans age 65 and older in 2010 - about 13 percent of the total population...

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Blogosphere: City Life Changes Dealing w Distractions

Atlantic Cities

City life requires a lot of attention. Navigating a busy sidewalk while processing loud storefronts and avoiding rogue pigeons may feel like second-nature at times, but it's actually quite a bit of work for the human brain...

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Blogosphere: London's Religious Concentrations

Adam Dennett

So, today the ONS treated us with some brand spanking new Census data, all the way down to Output Area level (zones of about 150 to 500 people)...

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Blogosphere: Changes in Digital Signage Coming

Metropolis Magazine

In preparation for a panel I'll be moderating on February 26, at the Digital Signage Expo (February 26-28) coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center, I decided to learn more about my panelists, their subjects, and the potential breakthroughs in media technologies...

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Blogosphere: Reinventing Metro Providence


I was very pleased this week to be a guest on Ted Nesi's "Executive Suite" talk show on WPRI-TV in Providence. We spent about half an hour talking about the challenges and opportunities facing the region...

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Blogosphere: Transformed Public Housing in STL

Metro Trends Blog

Last spring, I got an invitation to appear in a documentary about the evolution of public and mixed-income housing in St. Louis. I lived in St. Louis when I was a teenager and have vague memories of the demolition of the infamous Pruitt-Igoe development...

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Blogosphere: Separation of Church and Parking

Atlantic Cities

The story in most U.S. cities goes that on the seventh day, even parking enforcement officers rest. But thanks to slashed municipal budgets and seemingly never-ending congestion on the roads, that's quickly and likely irrevocably changing...

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Blogosphere: Understanding China's Olmstead


a new book on the ideas and work of Kongjian Yu, FASLA, put together by former Harvard Design Magazine editor William Saunders really enriches our understanding of a landscape architect many consider to be China's Frederick Law Olmsted...

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Commentary: SLU Rezone Could Usher in New Era

Seattle Times

If the Seattle City Council embraces the rezone of South Lake Union, it will usher in a new era of urban design for the city that prioritizes people and sustainability, according to guest columnists Jerry Dinndorf and Brock Howell...

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