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Blogosphere: Congestion & Economics, Federal Dept. Of Cities, Pop Up Parks, Race For No. 2 City, GOP Reaching Out To Cities

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Blogosphere: Hersman Would be DOT Disappointment

Systemic Failure

Deborah Hersman, according to some news reports, is the leading candidate to head the Dept. of Transportation. If true, that would come as something of a disappointment...

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Blogosphere: In Defense of Congestion

Better Cities and Towns

Here's an excellent study reported in Atlantic Cities that shows that increased congestion is related to stronger economies. This study, by Florida Atlantic associate professor Eric Dumbaugh, is a direct attack on the Texas Transportation Institute's annual congestion index..

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Blogosphere: TTI Fails Again with Congestion Analysis

DC Streetsblog

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) got it wrong again. Their 2012 Urban Mobility Report (using 2011 data) just came out [PDF]. Like every year, they tout their "improved methodology," but the authors still haven't made the changes that would make their congestion rankings meaningful in the real world...

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Blogosphere: Will Cent Transpo Tax Include Transit?

Citizens for Modern Transit

Senator Mike Kehoe, R- Jefferson City and chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, held a press conference today to announce his efforts to push for a one-cent sales tax for transportation in Missouri...

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Blogosphere: London Bike Share Marches North


It's not just Wandsworth and Fulham that will be getting Barclays Cycle Hire in the next year or so when Phase 3 goes live - Hackney and Islington will be getting a few too...

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Commentary: The Great Gerrymander of 2012

New York Times (via @cruikshank) 

HAVING the first modern democracy comes with bugs. Normally we would expect more seats in Congress to go to the political party that receives more votes, but the last election confounded expectations...

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Commentary: Obama Needs a Department of Cities

New York Daily News (via @brenttodarian)

President Obama has signaled that he will focus in a second term on immigration, gun control and climate change. All these issues are important, but none is as critical to his long-term legacy as helping chart a more livable, prosperous and creative course for the future of American cities...

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Blogosphere: The Pop Up Parks

Dwell (via @mikelydon) 

Truck in potted trees. Set up cafe tables. Paint in some bike lanes. The temporary streetscape might be the perfect urban fix for our times...

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Blogosphere: Is DC Passing Chicago as Second City?

City Journal

The Washington, D.C., region has long been considered recession-proof, thanks to the remorseless expansion of the federal government in good times and bad...

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Blogosphere: Advancing Advanced Metro Industries


Pristine clean rooms, gleaming components, jaw-dropping technical exploits: America's advanced industries (AI) sector is the focus in Denver today as the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program delivers a new competitiveness strategy for the Colorado space industry at a dynamic forum with Gov. John Hickenlooper...

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Blogosphere:  Pollution Reaches Japan, Soon California


My wife and I used to have an annoying neighbor. There were various ways in which he was annoying - he would holler every Sunday during the Saints games and would stand outside talking on his cell phone at all hours of the night...

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Blogosphere: GOP Could Reach Out to Cities...But


The most famous cliché of editorial advice - "write what you know" - has always served me in good stead. I've often regretted ill-advised ventures outside my areas of expertise...

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Blogosphere: Wikipedia is Mapping Itself

The Atlantic Cities

Get ready for a bewildering wealth of information. Wikipedia is about to start mapping itself...

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Blogosphere: Teenagers, Lost Downtown Demographic

Sustainable Cities Collective (via @brenttodarian) 

Teens and young adults want to go out with their friends, and they like to stay out as late as possible. That's a fact of life. But where do most of these teens and young people spend their time?..

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Blogosphere: How to Manage Information Overload


Urban planning professionals and researchers increasingly face information overload. Todd BenDor and Rob Goodspeed suggest three techniques for strategically monitoring the web for new research and ideas...

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