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Blogosphere: Detroit Freeways, Modifying Gas Tax, BRT In US Not Golden, Funding With Value Capture, Bike Crash Lessons, War On Pedestrians

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Blogosphere: Does Detroit Need Another Freeway?

DC Streetsblog

If there's a city that could serve as a cautionary tale for overbuilding highways, that city is Detroit. So it's fascinating - and encouraging - to see this city going through an internal tussle over the wisdom of building a highway...

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Blogosphere: Outgoing AASHTO Director - Tax by Dollar

DC Streetsblog

When the federal gas tax was set at 18.4 cents per gallon, it represented 17 percent of the cost of a gallon of gas. Now it's barely 5 percent...

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Blogosphere: US Has 5 True BRT Systems, None Gold

Greater Greater Washington

When new bus rapid transit lines are discussed, proponents often say they hope to make the routes gold standard, meaning so high-quality that they mimic many features of rail...

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Blogosphere: Fund SEPTA With Value Capture

Keystone Politics

We've known for a while that SEPTA is badly in need of more revenue, and yesterday Christine Fisher reported that they're declaring a capital funding crisis...

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Blogosphere: Lessons from 2013 Bike Crash Report

Twin Cities Sidewalks

The Minneapolis Department of Public Works released a new report this week, an in depth analysis of the city's bicycle crash reports from the last ten years. The results are interesting and useful, offering some more insight into why and where accidents happen and offering some suggestions on how to begin increasing bicycle safety...

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Blogosphere: Santa Fe's War on Pedestrians

Do speeders or red light runners in Santa Fe get threatened with jail time and hundreds of dollars in fines? Do they face misdemenor charges?..

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Blogosphere: Gov Patrick Punts on Incentive Funding

Boston Streets (via @streetsblognet)

In his State of the Commonwealth address, Governor Deval Patrick reiterated the need to invest in our infrastructure to keep Massachusetts competitive as a place to live and do business. ..

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Blogosphere: We Should Stop Talking About Bus Stigma

The Atlantic Cities

Years ago, when I was presenting my firm's bus network redesign plan to the board of a suburban transit agency, a board member from an affluent suburb leaned slowly forward, cleared his throat, and asked me a simple question:..

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Blogosphere: Silver Linings in Financing Equitable TOD

Living Cities

True love is hard to find and never more so than when your love is for thriving, equitable communities with access to high quality transit, affordable housing, and a mix of jobs and services...

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Blogosphere: Is Kansas City the New Silicon Prarie

Architects Newspaper

Google's grand experiment on the Great Plains, dubbed "Silicon Prairie" by some, is to revitalize Kansas City with superfast internet. That network hookup could make KC a hotspot for new businesses, too, according to some entrepreneurs eyeing the new "fiberhoods" where the infrastructure exists...

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Blogosphere: Inclusionary Zoning is Inclusionary


Long time advocates of inclusionary housing (often known as "inclusionary zoning") will be relieved to learn that a new report from the Rand Corporation confirms that the housing produced by these policies is in fact "inclusionary," meaning it creates or preserves affordable housing in areas of low poverty...

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Blogosphere: Some Cities Doomed Never to Catch Up?

Atlantic Cities Questions

My home state of Iowa is surrounded by states with bigger cities acting as bigger magnets for its college graduates. Within a few years of graduation, nearly all of my friends and acquaintances had fled the state, and a few years later I joined them...

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Blogosphere: Density Benefits from Less Car Space

Cap'n Transit Rides Again

There's been a lot of good talk about density lately. Last week I pointed out that a lot of what some people object to about "density" is actually less space for their cars...

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Blogosphere: Winners and Losers of PPPs

The Atlantic Cities

When asked if anyone could save Bethlehem Steel, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, famously said, "I don't think Christ could have."..

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