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Blogosphere: Europe's Free Public Transit, Biking Gender Gap, Housing Crisis Tools, Inclusionary Housing, Growing Poverty In Suburbs

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Blogosphere: Many Roles of Lima's Informal Taxis

Next City

Becoming a taxi driver in the Peruvian capital is a multi-step process. Step one: Buy a plastic taxi sign. Step two: Place it on your dashboard. You are now driving one of the city's 230,000 taxis...

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Blogosphere: Walker's Massive Borrowing Scheme

Urban Milwaukee

Gov. Scott Walker has made a big deal of decreasing the state's structural deficit and increasing its rainy day fund. But meanwhile his plans to increase spending on roads and freeways could leave the transportation fund so in debt that 25 cents of every dollar would be spent on debt service by 2023...

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Blogosphere: Fare Free Transit Spreading in Europe

Human Transit

It's too soon to say, but Tallinn, Estonia (pop. 425,000) is now by far the largest city to offer fare-freefree public transit -- not just in Europe but anywhere in the world as near as I can tell...

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Blogosphere: An Explanation of Gender Gap in Biking

The Atlantic Cities

It's no secret that American women are less likely than American men to ride bikes in cities. Some reports put one woman on a bike for every two men in the United States, and some have the ratio at a lady for every three guys...

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Blogosphere: Could Carbon Tax Put $ in Your Pocket


A carbon tax based on Alaska's Permanent Fund, where tax revenues are returned to residents, is the model for legislation proposed by Senators Boxer (D-CA) and Sanders (I-VT) in response to Pres. Obama's call for Congress to act on climate change...

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Blogosphere: Housing Crisis Requires Multiple Tools

Metro Trends Blog

We have a nationwide affordable housing crisis that is growing despite the housing crash. Over 10 million working families pay more than 50 percent of their income for housing-that's nearly one in four working households...

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Blogosphere: State of City Employment Decentralization

Rudin Center Blog

Since the mid-20th century, employers have followed its employees to the suburbs, and have adapted the workplace to fit their employees' commuting needs, leading to the rise of the "corporate park" and the "edge city."..

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Blogosphere: Animating London's Population Change

Drawing Rings Around the World

Over the last couple of hundred years London's population has grown and spread out on a vast scale. This process has involved a remarkable deconcentration of population from the centre to the suburbs: in 1801 the vast majority of its million people were crammed into a few central boroughs, with the square mile of the City of London holding 129,000 people...

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Blogosphere: How Did Inclusionary Weather Crisis

NHC Open House

In lieu of preparing our own version of the Harlem Shake video last week, the Center for Housing Policy polished off a new report about inclusionary housing that I think you'll find at least as enlightening...

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Blogosphere: Sharing Intelligence Geographically

Metropolis Magazine

Geodesign is a term dubbed by Redlands, California-based Esri to describe the confluence of geography and design, applying technologies from geographic information systems and other complementary approaches to tackle big world problems such as sustainability, ecology, and building tomorrow's cities...

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Blogosphere: What Makes Big Cities Democratic?

The Atlantic Cities

In his first interview after the election, Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan attributed Barack Obama's victory to "the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race." ..

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Blogosphere: Solving London's Housing Crisis

Spatial Economics Research Centre

I see Richard Rogers had a piece in the Evening Standard last night calling for a greater focus on design and brownfield as the means of solving London's housing crisis...

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Blogosphere: From Denial to Integrating Solutions

Metropolis Magazine

Storms and hurricanes are nothing new for New York City. Some four decades after the European founding of the municipality in 1625, a severe storm was chronicled in Manhattan...

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Blogosphere: Why We Love Great Design

New York Times (via @jefftumlin)

GREAT design, the management expert Gary Hamel once said, is like Justice Potter Stewart's famous definition of pornography - you know it when you see it...

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Blogosphere: The Real Problem with Gentrification

The New Republic

unny thing happened in the half century since Jane Jacobs published her classic treatise excoriating the planning establishment for clear-cutting American cities and replacing eclectic neighborhoods with sterile housing towers: Her vision of urban change won the day...

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Blogosphere: Poverty in Atlanta's 'Burbs Growing Faster

Saporta Report (via @otiswhite)

Metro Atlanta's profile is changing with a dramatic growth of poverty in the suburbs. Several recent studies point to reality challenging the perception that the poor are concentrated in the central city while the middle-income and higher-income populations are living in the suburbs...

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Blogosphere: Hipsters Move to the Suburbs

New York Observer

To be young is to believe wholeheartedly in certain rosy, soothing illusions-that age, infirmity and death will never come to call, that divorce and the suburbs are fates that only befall other people...

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