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Blogosphere: Fighting Mud On Seattle-Everett Run, Low-Income & Cycling, Corridor Vs. Network Capacity, Chicago BRT Design

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Blogosphere: Uber Got Us Thinking About Taxi Regs

Next American City

A taxi industry that "plays dirty," and city regulators who for decades have been willing to engage it in "backroom deals," said Uber CEO Travis Kalanick at last week's State of the Net conference in Washington, D.C., are increasingly being outmatched by his savvy start-up..

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Blogosphere: Can NW Rail be Mud Proofed?


It's mudslide time again. The gooey stuff has been burying rail lines on an all too regular basis. Every weekday, eight Sounder and six Amtrak trains run the Seattle-Everett gauntlet..

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Blogosphere: Low Income Communities and Cycling

LA Streetsblog

How many times have you seen a cyclist pedaling happily along a crowded sidewalk, completely uninterested in riding in the wide-open bike lane a few feet from him?..

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Blogosphere: Walkability Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

The Province

love these new buzzwords that crop up out of nowhere and then, from one day to the next, they're on everyone's lips...

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Blogosphere: Corridor vs. Network Capacity

Walkable DFW

I made a doodle. It shows the two approaches to dealing with congestion. They show how highways can approach and enter cities. The difference is increasing CORRIDOR CAPACITY and NETWORK CAPACITY...

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Blogosphere: CTA Has Chosen Center Running BRT

Chicago Streetsblog

Bus riders woke up to good news this morning. Citing anonymous sources, WBEZ reports that CTA and Chicago Department of Transportation officials have chosen the "preferred alternative" from the four proposed bus rapid transit configurations, and it's the one advocates were hoping for...

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Blogosphere: Not Easy Being Transit Advocate in Atlanta

Atlantic Cities

Last July, residents of Atlanta took their long pent-up frustration with some of the worst traffic congestion in the country to the voting booth...

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Blogosphere: SFMTA Lays Out Walking, Biking Targets

SF Streetsblog

This morning the SF Municipal Transportation Agency is presenting its strategic plans to reduce pedestrian injuries and increase bike ridership over the next five years at a staff workshop with the agency's board of directors...

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Blogosphere: Want a Streetcar? Start a LID

Tacoma Tomorrow

At last week's Tacoma City Council study session, we got to see a sneak peek of the materials (PDF) that will be unveiled in some form at the upcoming February 12th Tacoma Link expansion meeting at the Tacoma Dome Station plaza...

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Blogosphere: Waste Heat from Cities Heats Up Planet


Cities aren't perfectly efficient energy machines, you guys. They're great, especially when transit and density make it possible for city dwellers to use less energy, but cities still release a lot of waste heat out of tailpipes and chimneys...

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Blogosphere: Paris' Power Squatters

Atlantic Cities

Activists with the Paris-based housing rights group Jeudi Noir entered a vacant office building in broad daylight on December 31. Experienced in illegal occupations, or squats, they did not expect to be stopped...

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Blogosphere: A New Vision for New Urbanism

Helm of the Public Realm

Lean. Guerilla. Incremental. Vernacular. Tactical. These are all words Andrés Duany used to describe the "new New Urbanism" at the CNU-FL Statewide meeting this past week at the University of Miami...

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Blogosphere: Place and Space Determine Oakland Health

Global Site Plans

"Where you live is probably a bigger determinant of your health than whether you have health insurance," as quoted in a Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII) report from 2008...

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Blogosphere: Class Divided in LA

The Atlantic Cities

The map above charts the geography of class for the city of Los Angeles; the second map, below, includes the pattern for the entire L.A. metro area...

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Blogosphere: Detroit's Property Tax Black Hole

The Atlantic Cities

To get a handle on how bad of a tax mess Detroit is sitting in right now, look no further than this depressing map showing every property in the city suffering "tax distress."..

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Blogosphere: Planning Time Lines for Development  

Bacon's Rebellion

Stephen Oliner, a UCLA professor doing research for the Federal Reserve Board, has made the first-ever estimate of planning times for commercial construction across the United States...

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